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Apr 21, 2014 09:04 AM

La Folie, Revisited [San Francisco]

We hadn't been to La Folie in years and decided to return to celebrate my husband's birthday. We had previously tried the Chef's tasting menu, which was delicious. It was also so generously portioned, I left feeling over-full. On our return visit, we decided to order courses.

First was a poached octopus and uni. It was clean, beautifully presented, and so delicious we ate it in slow motion, composing each perfect bite. This was the only course we doubled up on because neither of us wanted to share.

Next up for me were the sautéed Burgundy Snails in Pernod lemon butter with parsley with bone marrow gratin, served in the bone. After taking the first bite, my husband reports I put my fork down and had a (When Harry Met) "Sally" moment. Other diners turned to look at me smiling. We had a wonderful meal, and this was THE best bite.

Hubby ordered the warm pigs feet, sweetbread and lobster terrine. Also great.

We decided to skip the fish course since we already enjoyed the octopus starter.

I had the seared Liberty Farm duck breast “Coq au Vin” with rhubarb marmalade, crispy confit gateau and duck liver mousse paired with a lovely Bordeaux.

He had the Emigh Farm Lamb Rack, pommes boulangére, lamb pancetta and sweetbreads, (vibrantly) green garlic puree, and Meyer lemon jam, paired with a Burgundy.

Both expertly prepared and beautifully plated with vibrant, clean sauces.

We brought a bottle of dessert wine, which we paired with a cheese course and then the warm Edam cheese soufflé with Fromage Blanc sorbet, crispy bacon and white sesame tuile. This was light and savory, and the sorbet wasn't overly sweet.

If you are looking for a delicious meal with expertly paired wine, an elegant yet chill atmosphere, with beautiful plating and expert service, it's definitely worth a visit. Don't forget to order the snails.

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  1. Nice report, thank you! La Folie is one of our favorite restaurants. I'm impressed your DH could do the terrine AND the lamb rack, that is Big Time Carnivore territory, LOL.

    These may no longer be on the menu--we haven't been back in a while: We also love the goat cheese vegetable tartin, the Taste of Passot Roe, and a killer-rich lobster risotto. You picked the right dessert, I think. We've had the others, and although good they're not so exceptional that we have to have them. Usually we skip dessert and end with their excellent cappuccinos (gives us more room for the savories!).

    1. I need to echo the praise from DeeGlaze. Just a wonderful meal. Passot's style continues to evolve and he's in a great place right now using modern techniques to accent classic combinations. Great service with a friendly, unobtrusive vibe, perfect leisurely pacing, and sublime food added up to a wonderful evening.

      1. My lamb was paired with a Rhone :-)