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Apr 21, 2014 09:03 AM

15 Steps Brunch

Has anyone been to 15 Steps (inside Eden Roc) for brunch? Is it the same/similar to 1500 degrees? If not, what are the differences?



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  1. I have not been but I believe 15 steps is a new concept that replaced 1500 degrees. The main chef of 1500 degrees is not associated with 15 steps.

    1. I've not been since 15 Degrees became 15 Steps, and there's no menu posted online, but it looks like it's still a "farm to table" concept, and FWIW, the new chef - Jeremy Ford - had been at James Dean Max's 3030 Ocean, which is also where the former chef Paula DaSilva was before opening 15 Degrees (and, as it turns out, where she's now gone back).

      It'd be nice if someone could make a diagram of that.

      1. Good timing: a write-up of the new place from Miami New Times:

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          Guess I didn't scroll all the way down the page