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How to use the Easter Ham?

Okay... so we bought a ten pound ham for two people... it goes soggy when you freeze it, and there are only so many ham sandwiches a body can take. Any brilliant recipes out there to help keep our tastebuds from dying of boredom (and our waistlines from all the extra carbs)?

- ham sandwiches
- ham and eggs
- ham and pineapple pizza
- ham and potato hash

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  1. split pea soup

    in a mac n' cheese or another casserole

    BBQ Beans

    dice it and use in place of pancetta in a pasta dish like carbonara

    sub for bacon or pancetta or other cured meats in many r recipes

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      The first thing that came to mind was split pea soup, number two, beans.

    2. If you don't want a lot of carbs how about a quiche or frittata? Ham and cheddar soup/chowder.

      1. ham jerky.

        Wrap and seal and then freeze for later use when you're not over-saturated with ham. Can be eaten out of hand just like beef jerky or can be chopped and added to bean/pea/potato soups.

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          I love the ham jerky idea. What is the process you use?

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            I just dry it in the oven at the lowest setting. Some people marinate it as they would beef jerky. That's good for eating out of hand but not as versatile for using in soups. In the past, I've brushed with mustard before drying. I liked that because it added a nice tang when eating out of hand.

        2. For me, the problem with easter ham is that often the weather is warm and doesn't fit with my notions of how to cook with ham. I usually end up freezing fat slices and haven't ever found it to be soggy. I generally use them in the fall, in mac & cheese, bean type soups, and quiche.

          Fried rice with lots of spring veggies and finely diced ham is really great!

          1. I've found ham freezes pretty well actually. I read someone write somewhere once, "Eternity is two people and a ham."

            I usually cut the ham into big chunks, freeze, and use one piece at a time when I'm in the mood.

            My favorite from last time was ham and cheese quesadillas. Corn or flour tortilla.

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              The definition of "Eternity" is Dorothy Parker.

            2. Some lower carb ideas...

              - Cold Ham Salad served in cold cucumber boats
              - Eggs Benedict
              - Take a thin slice of ham and spread a layer of cream cheese over it and wrap that around pickled asparagus spears and serve chilled.

              1. Here's a take on Deviled Ham, a much better version than the stuff that comes in the little can:


                Also you can dice up and put in a roux-free, rice free gumbo. Gumbo purists will howl but it's great.

                1. Macaroni & ham and cheese. Freeze it in 1" thick slices. Yes, it can go soggy, but after defrosting, put it on several layers of paper towels, and that should help draw the water out.

                  Baked beans
                  Ham kebobs on the grill with some pineapple cubes and your favorite sweet and spicy glaze
                  Appetizers - slices of cucumbers, ham, cheese, roasted red pepper
                  White bean and ham soup
                  Pasta (orrechiette) with ham, peas and a cream sauce

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                      This was a tradition in my family. One of my favorites that Mom used to make.

                    2. In the same boat here. We did a 7 pound ham for two people. There are already some great suggestions.

                      Some of my ideas:
                      -15 bean soup from the bone and bits of ham.
                      -green salad with ham and Swiss cheese cubes, mustard vinaigrette.
                      -egg salad with ham cubes and/or ham salad for sandwiches or to stuff in a tomato.
                      -I made a fingerling potato "gratin" with leeks and Swiss cheese as a side dish yesterday. I'll cube some of the ham into that and bake as a casserole. Serve with a salad and green veggies.
                      -Caramelized onion, mushroom and fontina cheese pizza with ham. (I usually use prosciutto for this, but leftover ham works too.)
                      -Ham and cheese stuffed zucchini or yellow squash baked.
                      -Chunky potato soup or cauliflower soup with ham
                      -ham/peas and pesto over spaghetti squash, zucchini "pasta" or cauliflower "rice".
                      -Quinoa salad with grape tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, feta, fresh dill, ham and mustard vinaigrette.

                      1. Freeze some of it as an ingredient in soups, pastas, sauces, casseroles etc.I got stuck with a ton of ham recently after a church function and I used it in a 50/50 ratio with grand beef to make chili. It came out fine but careful not to add the usual amount of salt during the cooking process.

                        1. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to do ham mac-and-cheese tonight and make the ham and pineapple pizza tomorrow (I LOVE ham and pineapple together...) thinking I might possibly go buy some frozen bread dough and try to make ham and cheese rolls/foccaccia - I've never made bread from scratch but I used to buy them all the time when I was a kid.

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                            Kajikit, I am confused as English is not my first language but I thought based upon your initial inquiry you were trying to steer away from carbs?

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                              I was just wondering if there were any exciting ways to use it and to get some more veggies into our week. All the ham recipes I know of (aside from split pea soup and ham with salad) are ham plus carbs and it's not very good for you to eat them every day... As it is, I didn't end up cooking any of the ham at all. We've only got about a third left and we've just eaten it as regular ham! It was a very nice ham and not particularly salty so I didn't need to try to dilute it or hide the essential 'hamminess' (I'm not a big fan of ham, but I enjoyed this one a lot!)

                          2. 1) Scalloped potatoes with ham 2) Baked beans with ham 2) Split pea soup or 3) Cuban black bean soup and 4) What at our house we just call "ground ham"---take all your scrappy pieces and run them through the Cuisinart to chop them but not puree them. Then do the same thing with a bunch of sweet pickles. Mix the ham and pickles with mayonnaise and a good hit of Dijon mustard. Eat this piled on crackers while drinking beer and watching a ball game on TV. Keeps in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. If you don't need it right away, freeze the ham after chopping it and add the mayonnaise later sometime. This is also a good sandwich filling for travel, birthday parties, afternoon tea, and lunchboxes. It's also good on hot biscuits.

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                              I love your ground ham salad - I make a similar version with relish but sadly it's a major factor as to why I'm on a diet.

                            2. Is this a sweet glazed ham, or a more savory preparation?

                              1. Tonight, I'm going to be plain lazy and make grilled ham and cheese.

                                1. Ham mixed with creamed spinach for filling savory crepes.

                                  1. 1) BBQ Pork
                                    2) Baked Eggs
                                    3) Ham and Cheese "Hot Pockets"
                                    4) Split Pea Soup
                                    5) Creamed Ham on Cornbread Cakes
                                    6) Sliced ham for sandwiches/dinner
                                    7) Ham and Bean soup
                                    8) Scalloped Ham and Potatoes
                                    9) Crustless Ham Quiche
                                    10) Impossible Ham Pie
                                    11) Linguine ala Anne
                                    12) Mac-n-Cheese with Ham
                                    13) Hoppin' John Soup
                                    14) Radiatore Carbonara
                                    15) Grits Souffle'


                                    1. Fried rice
                                      Pot Pie

                                      1. Reheat thin slices in butter on the stove. Remove the ham and then deglaze the pan with Madeira and chicken broth. Cook it down to sauce consistency. Finish with butter, off the heat.

                                        1. A bakery near me makes luscious biscuits which have diced ham, gorgonzola, chives, and a little hot pepper sauce mixed into the batter. They are the ultimate accompaniment to bean or split pea soup.

                                          Potted ham - grind in the food processor, blend in sweet onion, cream cheese, mustard, pepper, paprika. Other additional options include horseradish, grated Swiss cheese. olives. This is a delicious sandwich filling, or spread for crackers, toast, bruschetta.

                                          Make ham stock and reduce it down to half the volume, or less, to conserve space, then freeze it for cold-weather soupmaking.

                                          Chicken cordon bleu....or dispense with the crumbs/frying and just bake pounded chicken cutlets layered with ham and swiss, make a mustard cream sauce to top it.

                                          1. All great ideas. I usually just bake it into various casseroles and also scramble it into eggs.

                                            I did make these yesterday - to use up both the ham and some of the hard boiled eggs. Kind of silly, but they were a hit. Leftover Easter Parfaits?

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                                            1. I'm making today:

                                              Yellow pea soup, with the bone
                                              Braised green beans
                                              Sautéed Swiss chard
                                              Broccoli, potato, ham frittata
                                              Ham deviled eggs

                                              I froze the rest of the ham...