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Apr 21, 2014 08:51 AM

Visiting San Diego this summer.

We will be staying in the gaslight district but can travel anywhere. What are the hot and or classic restaurants to try? We will be there 3 nights. Something by the water would be great.

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  1. CH22 - These are probably the most common queries on the San Diego board. Try using the search feature with the term "gaslamp" (rather than gaslight), "water", or "new". You'll turn up a lot of recent posts.

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      You're right, requests for suggested places to go are very frequent on this board, especially those with the word "Gaslamp" in them, so searching for related previous posts is a good way for them to start. But each request has a little different nuance to it, and also there are updates as time goes by. I think people appreciate it when local CHs respond to their inquiries, and it doesn't use up too many electrons to help them out. In this case, CH22 is looking for "hot or classic" and "by the water", staying in but not at all limited to "the lamp".

    2. Here are some places along the water that I think you might like:

      Top of the Market (very good seafood, near Gaslamp on the G-St Mole)

      C-Level (Harbor Island, American)

      Eddie V's (very good seafood, La Jolla)

      George's CA Modern (outstanding American, La Jolla)

      Jakes (seafood, Del Mar)

      Brigantine (seafood, Pt. Loma)

      Tidal (seafood, at Paradise Point on Mission Bay. I haven't been -- it just re-opened, formerly Baleen, which was quite good)

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        1. re: DoctorChow

          Eddie V's is now open as well at The Headquarters near Seaport Village, about a 10-15 minute walk from the Gaslamp.

          1. re: mcgrath

            Thanks, McGrath.

            Actually, I knew that, but I didn't mention it here because I think the OP on this thread would like to go to places that are on or in view of the water, if possible.

            I haven't been to the Eddie V's at HQ yet, but am looking forward to it. I might add that IMO the HQ developers did a fine job reworking that space. Not quite as outstanding as what was done to create Liberty Station, but a solid second place.

          2. re: DoctorChow

            Thanks DoctorChow & McGrath!!!
            I have a group of girlfriends and we are coming in for a week starting on Saturday. A couple have never been to SD so we are checking out the typical places. I really appreciate having a good list like this to start from.

            I like food trucks. I will do a search for them but also wondered if you had a quick opinion.

          3. If you like food trucks, try the Marisco's Pescador fish taco truck just off the 5 south at the Toys R Us parking lot on Industrial Ave. Great Baja style fish tacos and other delectable seafood offerings.