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Apr 21, 2014 08:42 AM

New Microbrewery to open in Atlantic Highlands

I heard a rumor that a microbrewery is opening in the old Bobo space in Atlantic Highlands. I peaked in the window and the bar has a ton of taps installed, so it looks like this is true. Anyone have any info?

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  1. Yes it is a go. It will be run by folks from another local restaurant. It should be the real deal but my guess is that it will be rather expensive. The beer selection may not be as big as Maloneys but they should have some quality stuff that is harder to find around here.

    I am definitely looking forward to it!

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    1. re: corvette johnny

      what other restaurant? only a few in the area have food that is decent - so this will make or break the place.

      1. re: corvette johnny

        I heard it was going to be more of a gastropub, not a brewpub, but I'm pretty sure it will be good, knowing who the folks involved are.

      2. Wow... I've always admired that spot everytime I went to Copper Canyon or the Wine Room.

        I'm glad to see someone doing something with it

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        1. re: Lcdsoundsystem

          Same here. That building has so much potential, especially for a brewery/restaurant/live music venue. So pumped that someone finally figured that out.

        2. Any idea who is opening it or when? What other restaurant do they own? Very excited for this.

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          1. re: J M S

            A couple folks on this thread seem to know, but they're not talking... ;-)

            1. re: J M S

              I' m just guessing here but maybe it's the people who own CC.

            2. There were rumors about a gastro pub on this site in the past when Highlands got flooded during Sandy but it never got off the ground. Not sure if this is a rehashing of that rumor or if it is a new one.

              But in other news there is definitely a microbrewery opening in Belford across from the Dunkin Donuts at Campbell's Junction. Its called Belford Bistro and they have a Facebook page. Looking forward to visiting that place when it opens.

              1. I believe the talk after the hurricane was of the Twin Lights Tap House moving into that space, which would have been great. The only problem is that liquor licenses don't transfer between towns.

                The new brewery is called Belford Brewing, not bistro (honest mistype!) here's a link to the facebook: