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Apr 21, 2014 08:21 AM

Galatoires, 33 vs other

I'm a CH seafood lover, hubby basically a vegetarian/meat eater .
Use of internet to look at actual menus made Galatoires look like the best choice, closest to Mazarin Hotel. But, we walked into the 'wrong' Galatoires--the #33 steak house next door!

Menu very limited, and much pricier... less formal, no jackets required,
despite elegant atmosphere. So, we stayed, and enjoyed the food and over-the-top service. No mains I was willing to spend for, so I ordered crabcake + creamed cauliflower. Crabcake was huge, for $15, so it was a good choice. Veggie was super, as was the turtle soup. Very quiet and enjoyable.

The next night, the regular Galatoires: crowded, noisy, and not outstanding, but acceptable. Bottom line: #33 was a better value, even though fairly expensive if we had chosen an entree instead of an appetizer as a main.

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