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Apr 21, 2014 07:22 AM

Newport prime rib?

Where would you go in Newport to get a good prime rib dinner?

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  1. I like Benjamin's right on Thames. Great deal and the Mate's cut is bigger than most...the Captain's cut is huge. Nothing fancy and has a good Raw Bar too.

    Canfield House up on Memorial is good too, but more expensive and a little less lively. (Fri and Sat)

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    1. re: milemarker0

      Thanks for the response; I assume the Fri/Sat comment means the Canfield House only serves it those nights. We will there on a Monday and Tuesday. Monday by the way we are doing Bouchards (one of our favorite spots in NE)

      1. re: Fort Point

        Yes Canfield house only does the Prime Rib on Fri/Sat.

        Enjoy your stay.