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Apr 21, 2014 06:52 AM

2nd Floor Restaurant- Long Branch

We had a very nice meal there on Friday night. The chicken liver mousse app was excellent, and the burrata was very good (and large). We spotted a crab cake at the table next to us and wished we had given it a try since it looked excellent. For entrees we had the short ribs over a lobster and pea risotto, which was good and matched better than expected and the pork chop, which was very good and cooked perfectly next to a bacon and brussel sprout hash. All in all, a solid restaurant and worth dining at. We liked the d├ęcor and the service. We'll be back for sure.

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  1. Is "2nd Floor Restaurant" the name of the place?

    ** Edit, I Googled it for myself and I see, yes that is the name of the place. How long has it been around? I've never heard of it.

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      Really not sure, we sort of stumbled upon it and checked it out online.

    2. 2nd Floor is owned by the same people who own Mix Lounge on the "first floor". We have been several times and have thoroughly enjoyed the meals. Favorites have included the octopus and chorizo appetizer (it rivals the excellent dish at Porta) as well as the fried apple pie dessert. Enjoy.

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        The Fried apple pie was pretty awesome, I forgot that in my original post.