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Apr 20, 2014 11:17 PM

Need help with this mystery pot

I found this used pot for sale the owner got it from an estate sale and knows completely nothing about it. Magnet does not stick so steel or iron is ruled out and the thing measures 12" in diameter and weighs 10 lb!!! Does anyone know what it is made of, brass with copper coating or is it bronze? Do you guys think it looks safe to cook with?


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  1. It looks like aluminum to me.

    1. Google "copper jelly pan" and look at the images to see if you think that's a match. I have one, but it is probably closer to 18" diameter. I have made jelly in mine, but not for a while so I can't recall if the interior was different from the exterior like yours appears to be.

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      1. re: pcdarnell

        I don't think it is copper because the handles are cast. I've never seen a cast copper pot.

      2. Hi, Computta:

        If this weighs >10 pounds and it's not magnetic, it is probably copper. Those handles are a oddity, maybe they're brazed on.

        Can you post a photo of the interior?


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        1. re: kaleokahu

          Hi Kaleo,

          The first two are from the interior the last one is a zoomed in of the bottom of the exterior.


          1. re: Computta

            Hi, Computta:

            Gosh, it's hard to say what you have. I think it may be a small jam pan.

            Is the interior color more yellowish (like brass), more silverish (like SS, or aluminum), or more reddish like the exterior?

            Assuming it's an unlined copper jam pan, yes it's safe for that. Maybe refrain from cooking acidic sauces.


            1. re: kaleokahu

              It's more of a yellowish color like brass/bronze I would say. My only concern is not with copper poisoning but with lead/arsenic poisoning. Any thoughts about the age of this thing and the possibility of it containing high lead/arsenic contents when it was casted?


        2. My guess is this is some kind of bronze or brass, maybe plated w/copper on the outside. It's probably not of North American or western European manufacturing. Maybe South American or Asian. Personally I think it would be crazy to use without metallurgical testing for heavy metals, but that's just old risk-averse me.