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Apr 20, 2014 09:50 PM

Paris for people with simple tastes and delicate stomachs

I respect all those here who eat oysters, pigeons, tripe, blood sausages, cow brains or udders or even fois gras. I know some here might consider me a wimp but I 've been to Paris a few times and have eaten well. I recently like many others become poorer than when I was last in Paris. I've been to a few really nice places where I could eat simple foods without showing boorish behavior but also refusing any of the above. I treat owners and wait staff with kindness and respect and try to use my limited French that is sometimes appreciated and other times have been chastised. I have a few restaurants like Paul Bert that are my go to's but are a bit too expensive for me now..Any suggestions or advice for non touristy or less non touristy restaurants for people who love simple real French food would be greatly appreciated. I love wine and bread. Aloha,

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  1. Maybe you should try a search for "bar a vin" on this board... The wine and bread should be good, and aside from a few dishes, I think you can find pretty good straightforward food there.

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      I was just thinking of bars à vin like Juvéniles and Autour d'un verre.
      Le Bon Georges would also fit the bill.
      There are also the good steak and potato places favored by workers at lunch time, like Le Lafitte. Those eateries are the safest, least challenging, without being humiliating and dumb.

    2. Just any good restaurant will do, with the exception of Ribouldingue which specializes in organ meat (not sure it does so much of that anymore though). Honestly no restaurant will propose you only "problem" foods and you'll find a little of everything mostly everywhere.

      1. "pigeons"
        Are you sure? Pigeon is the most inoffensive fowl since quail.
        I'm not Anthony Bourdain, thank Zeus, but among salmon, beef and pigeon, I think pigeon scores.

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        1. re: John Talbott

          The OP has ready has climbed on a table and screamed that she is a wimp. Let her hate pigeon. Let's make a list of Paris eats for wimps. We have grinned and born all the chicken-eating vegetarians. Maya is light years more honest. I like her already.

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            Mahalo Parigi and Aloha, I like you too for saying that

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            Pigeon, which in France is of such quality that it is roasted rare, or in some cases (L'Ami Jean) seared in an oven and served almost raw inside, can truly be a problem for delicate eaters.
            Also, it is usually choked, not bled, which makes it extremely bloody as edible birds go.
            While not sharing the reluctance, I do understand it.
            Beef and salmon are definitely in the comfort zone.

          3. What is your budget if Bistro Paul Bert (not terribly pricey) is now too expensive for you ? You can find under-20 € bargains for lunch but not for dinner.

            And where are you staying ? What are your favourite quartiers from previous visits ?

            Lots of good-value restos with simple, honest cuisine but it helps to know which would be better/ more convenient for you.

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              Thank you Parmassien, I have stayed in many arrondissements in Paris on my three trips there. I once asked for a steak cooked bien cuit meaning medium well and got a burned steak when I stayed for ten days in the Marais I had two bad meals at Le Philosophes Now I have to learn how to say bien cuit French style. Also at Hotel Varrenne where I had the best cheese omelet in my life near Invaledes. I thought the area where Bistrot Paul Bert is, Rebublique was a bit rough but I wanted to experience many hotels and neighborhoods. I love to meet the people and most don't growl at me like the woman who kept saying "Madam" at the train station. I guess she didn't like the informality of my Aloha to her after I tried my not That bad French. I talk to anyone who will talk to me. I haven't decided where to stay this time. I'm concentrating on the food. Thank you all Aloha