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terraces ( inside or outside )

It is a 3 part question. What terrace restaurant is your favorite for the view. Secondly, What is your favorite terrace restaurant for the food?

Or is it possible that the terrace restaurant actually qualifies for best view and food, in your opinion?

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      1. There is a very nice terrace with above average food at Monsieur Bleu located on the Seine side of the Palais de Tokyo.

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          I agree; also the MiniPalais and Saut du Loup and Le Cigale Récamier

        2. Not sure if by "view" you would be looking at elevated vantages, but (very expensive) Jules Verne is way upstairs in the Eiffel Tower, and the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower has a restaurant with a view also:
          (Note: I think I've read that the chef at the latter had recently changed, which may help on the food review).

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            Since you kindly referenced me, I'll add what I always do as the resident curmudgeon here, the Tour Montparnasse Resto (ciel de Paris) is most notable because one can see all Paris, including the best shot of the Eiffel Tower, but not the worst building in town - because you're in it.
            And not bad food either.

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              Hilarious! Can't wait to see this building. Or to NOT see it. Since I can reserve far enough ahead to request a table with a view, it may make sense for me, not sure about the OP.

              My logic in visiting Ciel de Paris is to pay 30E for a view with food, instead of 13E for the view alone (the cost of entrance to the observation deck) - like getting the meal for 17E. Though if I do go with that 30E menu, I may leave a little hungry...

              Similar logic directed me to a lunch at Jules Verne about 10 years ago, when it seemed much more affordable. Either I am a lot poorer, or JV's costs have skyrocketed: 98E for 3 courses - zut alors!

              Note that reservations are made at the restaurant's own website (http://www.cieldeparis.com/fr/reserva...), and not at the website for the building (http://www.tourmontparnasse56.com/en/...), where you will find the restaurant described, but no useful link to reserve.

          2. Re Views
            In addition to Le Jules Verne which I find overrated and Ciel de Paris which I kinda like for the same reasons as JT:
            The Terrasse Bar of the Hotel Raphael on the avenue Kléber in the 16th... open from June to Sep... not sure what the food menu will be this summer... my company occasionally has events there (even off-season) and the food quality has been very good... stunning view of Arc de Triomphe and good views of Eiffel Tower from some tables;
            La Maison Blanche in the 8th... a bit of a see-and-be-seen scene and a popular venue for the après-théâtre crowd and Triangle d'Or fashionistas/ plutocrats... strange tiered architecture and terraces on 2 levels with views of Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, and the river from some tables.... food varies from above average to very good but unsurprisingly pricey (50 € for a 2-course lunch !);
            The rooftop terrasse on 7th floor Galeries Lafayette/ Coupole main store on the boulevard Haussmann... for the past couple of years, the site of summer pop-up restaurants that have varied from very good to mediocre... not sure what's going on this summer... but even if no pop-up, the views are spectacular... there's also a not very exciting café on the 6th floor with views;
            Déli-cieux, the rooftop cafeteria on the 9th floor of Printemps department store on the boulevard Haussmann... unremarkable self-service food (but ok for a mid-morning or late-afternoon snack... drop-dead gorgeous views... finding a place in the shade is sometimes difficult;
            Le 7, rooftop bar of the Hotel Terrass on the rue Joseph de Maistre near Montmartre cemetery in the 18th... summer months only...a rather banal menu for lunch but well-priced and above-average quality... and cheese platters and other nibbles at night... fab pano views... very popular so must book even for cocktails and nibbles;
            Le Zyriab, the rooftop restaurant of the Institut du Monde Arabe in the 5th... Lebanese cuisine... inconsistent quality and service but I've tended to have pretty decent if somewhat overpriced meals there... in the past, it has been open for tea in the afternoon and this would be my suggestion... gorgeous, gorgeous views of the Seine and Notre Dame's backsides.

            1. It also depends what people mean by a view. Most responses have interpreted as a view of the city, but I think in Paris the best views are of life on the streets, just watching the world go by and feel part of the city is marvellous in itself.

              So I love sitting on the terrace at Les Deux Magots, even though its expensive, the waiters are surly, and the food/wine often sub par. I like La Palette as a people watching terrace, but fear its lost its magic as its gone far too touristy (and pricy). Les Philosophes in the Marais, and here the salads are fine for a light lunch, its buzzy and a good balance between locals and tourists. Just up the road the couple of seats at Au Petit Fer à Cheval are good for a drink.

              Pirouette has a nice open air terrace, but with the development of Les Halles it doesn't really qualify as any sort of view, yet the food is great.

              Paris has never been that great for eating with a view, in fact a good scenic view and good food are inversely related e.g. Les Ombres or Le Georges (although that like Le Ciel de Paris is indoors).

              Best advice is to find a shady spot, on the terrace of a good bar, on a busy street in one of the fashionable neighbourhoods and relax with a couple of aperos before a latish dinner in a cosy restaurant, then walk back alone the Seine taking in the floodlit buildings.

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                "Paris has never been that great for eating with a view, in fact a good scenic view and good food are inversely related"

                I tend to agree.

                "What terrace restaurant is your favorite for the view."

                For me it would be La Palette. But it's just café food.
                "Secondly, What is your favorite terrace restaurant for the food?"
                Dans Les Landes. It does have a terrace, but the view is just a Paris street corner, not among the most interesting Paris street corner.
                If any Paris view will do and the OP does not mind the smokers congregating on the terraces, then Dans Les Landes can qualify.
                For good food AND a nice street view, there is Jeanne B Lepic.
                Do bear in mind the smokers also pick the terraces in order to ruin your life.

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                  Paris never was great for eating with a view: that can be explained by the fact that Paris never was a high-rise city.

                  Parigi is dead right about terraces being ruined by smokers. That, and the fact that I don't like being in the sun, makes me care very little for open-air terraces in Paris.

                  On the other hand I do like top floors and their view; the most beautiful one in Paris used to be on top of La Samaritaine, but it's gone, it is not going to reappear for some time, and who knows in what form considering the predator approach of the new owners of the compound (they've already begun tearing it down and they will leave only the Seine building standing. Tears and laments.)

                  In Paris, I like having a drink with a view far better than eating with a view: hence my fondness for places like the bar atop of the Concorde-Lafayette hotel. Certainly not the best bar in the world, let alone in Paris, but oh the view.

                  La Maison Blanche why not, but I always found the view a little awkward — gorgeous pieces of Paris seen partially from a weird angle. And the info on the food, not that the Pourcel brothers have let go of the concession, needs an update.

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                    Wanderlust is a place of many terraces and views which Parnassien and I have both mentioned in the past; today's ANP announced its Spring and Summer schedule starting April 24th; it's cool in all senses.
                    wanderlust.paris.com or my blog

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                      A question. I was once taken to a restaurant (2004ish) sitting on top of a hill with a good view of the city. It was some time ago so I don't have the name.

                      At the time I was working out in Nanterre and a colleague drove me to a restaurant that was on a hill to the southwest of Paris with a terrace and garden looking back to the city. Any clues - I was told it had a good reputation and the food was (from a distant memory) very good.

                      Does anyone know what it could have been?

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                        Phil, I'm sure it's Les Jardins de Camille in Suresnes. Also a distant memory for me but I don't remember the food being all that good.

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                          "Les Jardins de Camille in Suresnes."
                          There are two others with terraces up there:
                          Pere Lapin and L'Escargot, both of which I thought the food was good. I like their accessibility by the Tram too.

                          1. re: Parnassien

                            Thanks - that is definitely it. Its nice to place it again and it brings back memories of a really good visit.

                            We did have a really nice meal, but to put it in context we were in the early stages of our love affair with France so tended to be impressed by most things with even an ounce of quality. London is maybe good for food now but it was pretty shocking (compared to France) only a few years ago....!

                  2. Thank you all for your words of wisdom. But PhiD and Parigi, hit it on the head, watching the world go by and feeling part of the city, was what I was really after. Where you could enjoy yourself for hours if they would let you.

                    Ptipois, drinks with a view, would work also

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                      "Where you could enjoy yourself for hours if they would let you."
                      Anywhere; this is not New York or Santa Monica, your table is your table.
                      Much as I hate the fellow pesky Yankees and Hemingway-searchers and food at Les Deux Magots, that's the place "Where you could enjoy yourself for hours if they would let you."