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Apr 20, 2014 07:23 PM

DK's Steakhouse

My wife and I had dinner at DK's last night, our first time back since sometime last year. This is our favorite steakhouse on Oahu, I like it much better than Morton's, Ruth Chris and even Hy's (my second favorite), although we have yet to try Wolfgang's.

We started with a lychee orange cocktail which my wife thoroughly enjoyed, I had an draft IPA from Oregon which was very good, cold and hoppy.

We shared a full order of caesar salad which was nicely prepared, just the right amount of dressing, crisp and fresh. Entrees were a petite filet for my wife and a 16 oz. T-bone for me with a side of onion rings. The steaks were a perfect medium rare, mine was tender and juicy with a nice amount of fat, not too much, just enough to add great flavor to the beef. The onion rings were excellent, fat, thick cut rings, crispy on the outside, though I preferred them alone without the smokey dipping sauce, Together with the steaks they were a great match. All in all a very nice dinner that has satisfied my steak craving for a while.

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    1. I had the Opah pasta special last week..the dry aged steak was awesome too. Can't go wrong there.