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Apr 20, 2014 07:06 PM

Belfast Maine - Delvino's Grill & Pasta House

Enjoyed a wonderful trip to Belfast today for Easter Brunch.

The buffet set up was small but nicely varied. Shrimp cocktail and smoked salmon with some very good locally sourced cheeses & crackers was my first coarse.....wonderful start with my rusty nail.

Next hit the breakfast fare. Sausage link & stuffed french toast & roasted potatoes. All very nice. They were doing eggs to order but not omelets.

They had a crock pot of clam chowder that was spot on. Cream & no roux if I were to guess. Rich & flavorful with out any paste.

For the dinner portion carved ham, prosciutto wrapped asparagus and cheese tortellini. The prosciutto wrapped asparagus was done very well with almost a nutty-salty-smokey flavor.

The cheese tortellini really blew me away though (if that was it was). It looked to be hand made "beggars pouches" of cheese in a brown butter & cheese b├ęchamel. Rich beyond being healthy. Pasta was definitely hand made and cooked a little beyond al dente so it really melted in with the sauce and filling. yum. A nice piece of ham & the tortellini dipped in the cheese

Nice plates of Easter treats & cakes ended the meal perfect.

All and all you could tell all the dishes were prepared by cooks & staff who cared about quality and took pride in being there.

This was our first visit...but looking at the menu won't be our last. If you chow-hounds look at the menu check the salad called the wasabi lady....that looks amazing.

Chow on chow-hounds! Check this place out!

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  1. Sounds like they did a good job for Easter, but the food at Delvino's can be hit-or-miss. And I've found the service is often a miss.