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Apr 20, 2014 05:57 PM

El Centro: Awful. Boston, terrible food city.

Terrible. Had tacos al pastor and 3 other tacos. Overstuffed tacos with wet bland goop. All of them tasted the same - soggy.

Wife had beef in molacetes. Very salty and with oddly dry beef floating in a onion tomato sauce.

Michelada was the high point. Smoky and spicy with right amount of lime - the beer, to its credit, was cold.

Overall a terrible mexican meal.

However, not surprising - this is Boston after all. On a related topic, I've lived here since 2008 and I've had only four meals worth the parking expense - Strip T's 2X and Ribelle, maybe erbaluce. This is just an awful food city. I lived in Philly and Bklyn before. Great restaurants in every neighborhood, at least one gem. I have no idea why a city with this much wealth and relatively cosmopolitan culture can breed such awful middling cuisine. I'm done. I'll eat out every 3 months when I can travel back to NYC or Philly.

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  1. Haha, sucks about the bad Mexican meal, but you're about to get blasted for coming on here and saying such inflammatory stuff about Boston and its food as a whole, especially comparing it to NYC. ;)

    So, I'm willing to bet there's at least "one gem" in every neighborhood in Boston/surrounding area, too. What have you tried that's been so awful?

    Can't wait to see this.

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      1. I would not look for great Mexican food in Boston. That said, there is an incredible variety of great food to be had in the restaurants in this city. Boston is a great food city!

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            Correct spelling is molcajete. It is the Mexican version of a mortar and pestal that is heated to over 400° and filled with chicken, beef,chorizo, Mexican cheese, nopales (cactus) peppers and onions in a delicious sauce spiced to your preference. It is usually served with home made tortillas and rice and beans. I live in California and there are several restaurants in the are that serve this dish. It is delicious, and if your in the Salinas area try the version at Casa del Saizon. That said I am a frequent visitor to Boston and the food scene has never disappointed me. Returning this summer after a 2 year break and already making my list. Will be wearing my Boston sweatshirt tomorrow and hoping for a safe marathon.

            1. re: villadeste92

              Have a wonderful day tomorrow!!!!!

              I'm familiar with molcajete :) Just checking with OP. Love it. We live a Tahoe and have a great place for the dish in Reno. Thanks for the Salinas rec. Boston food is terrific.

              1. re: c oliver

                If the restaurant this guy went to used that spelling no wonder his meal was so terrible. Thanks for the tip on Reno. If you have a chance pass the restaurants name along. Can you believe all the responses from this post. My email has been blowing up with all the notifications. I'm in California so did not run today. Just wore my shirt to support a city I love. Cheers.

          2. The original comment has been removed