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Apr 20, 2014 04:20 PM

Chicago foodie to Vegas--steakhouse help?

Hey, all.

My wife and I are big Chicago foodies, and we're going to Vegas next weekend for my birthday. It's our second time in Vegas, and we go to stay with/visit my grandparents who live there.

Where we've eaten before: Bouchon, Craftsteak, and a few other places that were just "meh."

This time, here's what's on the agenda:
Julian Serrano (for my bday dinner--missing Barcelona)
Tableau (for a girly brunch with my mother and g'ma)
Heritage Steaks (for the dinner with both grandparents)

I'm not second-guessing Heritage Steaks, as I saw some comments on the boards that it wasn't as good as Craft.

I'm looking for an alternative (and it may be too late, as we go this weekend). Let me first explain that my grandparents are the world's most picky eaters. They are the kind of folks that--bless them--eat those $3.99 buffet kind of meals.

My grandfather is also G-Free, dairy free, and sugar free. So, yeah. Eating out with them is TONS of fun.

Either way, Saturday is their anniversary, and we're forcing them to go. Steakhouses are usually good bets because the food is recognizable to them and most things can be ordered a la carte.

So, any recommendations for something OTHER than Heritage? Or votes to stick with Heritage?

I'd also love to hear about some casual local places that are off of the strip.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. What part of town do your grandparents reside? Their location will make it easier for recommendations for local restaurants.

    1. it seems like carnevino and gordon ramsay steak get a lot of love on these boards... i'll be dining at GR for the first time this friday, hope its as good as advertised

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        I went to both of these restaurants over the weekend and had no complaints on the excellent steaks I ate. The service at GR was abysmally slow though. it took 30 mins to take our order and the meal took nearly 3 hours...

      2. Heritage Steak was good when my husband and I went (Jan '14), but it didn't compare to the experience we had at Carnevino (Oct '13).

        Carnevino was expensive but worth the price to us - the wait staff was fantastic; they didn't hover but appeared whenever we needed anything. The waiter made sure to take time to review the menu with us and make recommendations, and the food was fantastic. It felt like a special occasion, and we left very satisfied.

        Heritage Steak didn't feel as special. My husband loved the bone marrow appetizer, the steaks were good, and the sides we had were only ok (although the desserts were fantastic). Service was acceptable, but not special. Overall, we felt it just wasn't worth what we paid.

        1. Well, IMHO SW ranks at the top of steak places in Vegas. It's the whole package. Excellent chef who is actually in the kitchen, very good to excellent non-steak offerings. And the Wynncore is one the the only (if not the only, could be wrong) hotels that each restaurant offers a gluten free menu. And the setting is downright whimsical, New Vegas. Great place to celebrate a birthday.

          1. I've been to Prime (several times), Delmonico's (several times), Stripsteak and Heritage. The food at Heritage was as good as any of the above. Our group has done Delmonico's many times based upon their corkage policy.

            I haven 't been to some of the others mentioned but I wouldn't hesitate to return to Heritage.