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Apr 20, 2014 03:58 PM

Portland Best Places


I will be at a conference in the Hilton next week for four nights and looking for some great food suggestions. We do have reservations at the Beast for a splurge, and Little Bird. Is there another must for dinner. Also, would love some breakfast/lunch ideas not too far from the Hilton.


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  1. Will this be a weekday only visit (ie Mon-Thurs) or does it encompass part of a weekend?

    Breakfast/Brunch nearby: Portland Penny Diner (I have not been), Imperial, Tasty & Alder (I like both)

    Lunch: Lardo, Grassa, Tasty & Alder, Imperial, Food cart pod at 10th & Alder

    Dinner: You would have 2 more nights to fill, right? Can you give us and idea of budget? Other considerations: OX, Ava Gene's, St. Jack (although that might be too similar to Little Bird), Roe (if you have a Thurs-Sat night here).

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      I will be in Portland Wednesday thru Saturday. Yes - 2 more nights. It would be great to find places that have entrees in a $18 - $25 range.


      1. re: matika

        You could have your entire dinner at Tanuki for that. It is Asian, but very Portland.

        Also maybe Racion for happy hour. Grassa has great pastas ans sides that you could make a meal of.