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Apr 20, 2014 03:56 PM

Cannon Beach


I will be at Cannon beach for a few days in late April before heading to Portland for a conference. I have heard about Mo's, but are there additional places to recommend for dinner/lunch; is there a good breakfast place in town - great coffees.


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  1. We have yet to have a really nice meal in Cannon Beach. I can recommend the Insomnia Coffee Co, however. I have really enjoyed one of their hot teas, and their coffee comes highly recommended as well.

    I have never tried the Sleepy Monk Coffee Co, but I've seen their coffee featured at the Elephant Grill in Portland, so I assume the coffee is pretty good.

    You can also visit the Chocolate Cafe, which is interesting. I've had the Mayan hot chocolate twice. Interesting, but I think I'll now try another flavor. Very good hot chocolate there.

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      The Sleepy monk is just fine coffee but they are S L O W

    2. On your last day, drive north to Astoria and have dinner at the Silver Salmon Grill. Then take US 30 to Portland.

      1. Hoping you didn't go to Mo's.