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Apr 20, 2014 02:06 PM

Hey, Connecticut: How much $ for banh mi in your neck of the woods?

The first one I ever had, from the back of a little market in Hartford, was a mere $2.75--whattatreat!

That was just a few years ago, so not as though prices have surged radically upward since then.

I recently had a beef banh mi at a local sit-down restaurant for $8. Delicious for sure, but seemed overpriced for a simple (and small) banh mi, so, I thought I'd ask here. I'm leaning toward maybe $5.75, $6 top end for a sit-down establishment. What say?

And is there anyplace new to share since the older linked thread (last updated 2012)?

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  1. If you can stretch to Springfield and the X Banh mi Mia is a great choice. 3,75-4.75 and fantastic. They have a FB page with many pictures of their creations. Great fresh rolls. FYI they close at 7

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      OOOH, nice--thank you! I can't for lunch, but it's on the list for a road trip. Here's their page:

    2. TD Viet Nam Palace Stratford
      all varieties $5.50

      I understand it is quire good. I've not tried, but oldest daughter loves it

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        EXCELLENT--keep 'em comin'! Thanks, also, for validating $8 seems high. Appreciate it, amici.

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          There are 5 or 6 Vietnamese restaurants in Bridgeport's Little Asia neighborhood (Wood Ave) the average price is between 5 and 6 dollars for Bahn Mi

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            You rock! Are any of them of the sit-down variety? Or just casual little places to grab and go?

            1. re: kattyeyes

              Most have dining areas, all do takeout
              Pho Hong Thom is the best....but most are good. I'm linking the Yelp page, not for the reviews, but addresses and phone numbers,etc.


              1. re: bagelman01

                All right, bagelfriend. Game on with banh mi quest 2014!

                PHO HONG THOM (48 Wood Ave., BPT)

                They call them Vietnamese pastrami sandwiches here.

                The verdict: VERY light on the meat, but tasty. Not filling enough to constitute a meal (especially after a long ride), so I also ordered pho tai.

                The pho:
                For the love of all that's right about mooing meat, be sure to ask for the beef ON THE SIDE so you can cook it in the broth yourself. Delicious pho--
                on a par with Lan Chi in Middletown, minus the high rent district setting.

                Service: Friendly and welcoming. Nice guy gave me a menu and said I could call ahead next time and have the food waiting for me. I think he was some combination of stunned and shocked that I could eat both a sandwich and a whole bowl of pho. I was kinda surprised myself. MOO. ;) Small space--just seven tables that seat four.

                Bonus: Delicious boba tea. Try the honeydew and coconut. Why can no one make a decent boba tea closer to home? They have three columns of varieties here--you can have either a smoothie or a boba.

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  Glad you made it to Bridgeport's Little. Vietnam. Sorry you didn't let me know to come meet you.

                  1. re: bagelman01

                    I appreciate the info. Next on my wish list, Stratford--those banh mi look serious! Drop me a note, there's always next time. :)

        2. re: bagelman01

          bagel...what is the "TD sauce?" Fish sauce based?

          1. re: BiscuitBoy

            BB....sorry I don't know, as mentioned oldest daughter has been and recommends the place. And as she's been working on a small ship in the Carribbean all winter, I won't get a chance to ask her until she's home for a break in June.

          2. re: bagelman01

            Banh mi quest 2014 continues--what a tasty trip it's been!

            TD VIETNAM PALACE (955 Ferry Blvd @ The Dock, Stratford)

            $5.50 to take out, $6.00 to eat in

            The verdict: This is the best banh mi I've had so far. The perfect size to be its own very filling meal, a delicious combination of grilled meat (I tried beef) with Vietnamese ham and the usual fixins served on a crispy roll.
            "Do you like spicy?"
            "I LOVE SPICY!" Thus, mine came with generous chunks of jalapeno. "You can take them out if they're too hot." I assured the nice lady it wouldn't be a problem--and it wasn't.

            Note: there are two halves of a sandwich--one half is behind the other. YES! Let's have a meal, not just a snack. Perfetto.

            The meal started with puffy chips in a light pastel rainbow of colors--pinkish, yellowish and white. I don't even care for shrimp, but think they were shrimp chips and they were quite snackable.

            Setting: Right between BJ's and a boat shop in The Dock shopping center, TD is a clean, comfy and spacious place for a meal with plenty of parking in the lot.

            Service: Very friendly and welcoming (the trend continues!). The nice lady who waited on me explained she and her husband opened the restaurant a couple of years ago after taking early retirement from their day jobs of 25 years! Their employer's loss is our gain for sure!

            They also serve boba (bubble tea or boba fruit) but I didn't partake this time. They have a full menu of other options I'll be happy to try on another visit. The thatched roof theme continues here as well. How fun!


          3. They are $4 at Pho Mai in Bridgeport (beef, pork, or Vietnamese cold cut).

            1. At Bui on Main Street in Manchester, they're $6.50 to $8 depending on the type of meat you get. They are very tasty sandwiches, if a bit small, the pickled carrots are really good.

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              1. re: zitronenmadchen

                It's killing me to think central CT has higher prices than FFD county--and "if a bit small" to boot. I don't get it!

                I'm my grandparents' girl all the way: make me A SANDWICH, not a snack. Back in the day, my grandparents made grinders you could barely get your mouth around--as do Maple Giant and Franklin Ave. Giant in Hartford to this day. I don't even ask for that in banh mi, but let's make it a meal in and of itself, shall we? :) And if you're gonna serve it like a snack, price it like one, too.

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  back when I was in the deli business (1978-80) we were of the opinion that the bread on a sandwich should be just enough to keep you fingers dry, and there shouldn't be less than 5-6 ounces of meat inside.
                  When I was in the bakery business prior to that, some of the deli owners would complain on humid days when the bread rose too much that the bread was so big customers were complaining that the meat serving was skimpy.

                  As the sign on Chuck's Lunchette in New Haven read:
                  "A Meal in Every Sandwich"