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Apr 20, 2014 09:55 AM

West Bridge

Going for a special birthday meal to West Bridge in two weeks and was wondering whether anyone has any thoughts about the place/how to make the evening there more special.

P.S. Me dressing up like Brad Pitt and surprising her didn't work the first time so that is out.

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  1. I would make it more special by going to somewhere else (Bondir, Hungry Mother, Bergamot, to name a few.) I was there only once, but didn't have a great meal. The cocktails and service were fabulous, the chef's tasting menu hit-or-miss. Many odd combinations of ingredients and techniques (neither of which I am opposed to, in general) that seemed to be trying a little too hard and did not produce a delicious result. Perhaps an off night, but I'm not in a hurry to go back.

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      I second your take. I have been 4 times and each time the service was lovely, and the food looked really nice and prepared with care, obviously. But the flavors and overall dishes were just OK. Even the highly touted Egg-in-a-Jar fell flat. I mean, it was O..K.. but nothing that sent my taste buds or my appreciation soaring.

      Bergamot, on the other hand... I swoon. Everything you eat at Bergamot is excellent. Warning - some complain about the portions. I think they are just right. I never feel overstuffed.

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        Ditto experience at West Bridge; nothing i wanted to eat again, but exc drink. Oleana or Sarma would be my own suggestion- lots of choices and v interesting food.

    2. Tell them it's a special meal ahead of time. They're nice folks and will take good care of you. It's not more complicated than that.

      1. Agree that the service and cocktails are top notch, but my food experience (small plates at the bar) was forgettable at best - if you do go here, get a Love & Fear cocktail - it's balanced and delicious.

        1. Contrary to other posters, I liked our meal there quite a bit. I believe we asked the waiter for suggestions, which were helpful. The menu is a "list of ingredients" style, so make sure you ask for more detailed descriptions of ones that look interesting. The egg in a jar got a lot of raves here, but I liked the bright flavors of the Tuscan kale salad a lot more.

          I think they have limited number of portions of some of the big meat dishes, so if you have a hankering for the lamb neck, for example, you might want to see if you can "reserve" a portion.

          I thought it seemed a couple bucks too pricey given the portions on several of the dishes. It's also very loud.

          1. We were much more impressed with our meal at West Bridge than Bondir or Hungry Mother, both of which we felt didn't live up to the hype. Just to put in context, other restaurants we've been pleased with recently: Puritan & Co, Kirkland Tap and Trotter. And also not as pleased with Ribelle, while we absolutely adore Strip T's. Your experience may vary, but I think West Bridge is a fine choice for a birthday dinner and am surprised to see so many naysayers.

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              I'm with you on Puritan, Ribelle, and Strip T's (haven't been to Kirkland) so I'm willing to chalk up our experience to the chef taking risks on the tasting menu which didn't work out on that particular night. However, it seems I'm not the only one who felt that way.

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                I agree with this sentiment (if not the exact like/dislike list).