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Apr 20, 2014 07:28 AM

Worst Restaurants in NJ

Saw a post on the NY thread that I found intriguing regarding "Worst Restaurants in Westchester County," and wondered what the result would be with a similar thread regarding my home state. Don't want to pile on or vilify any restaurant or eatery not deserving of it, but I guess anyplace with consistently bad food and/or service would qualify. My preference would be for North/Central NJ since that's the area I'm most familiar with, but for the purposes of this thread, anyplace in NJ is fair game. So...

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  1. It's all personal preference when it comes to food.....
    what is the worst place for one person is the best for the next.............only way is to try it yourself I say.

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        1. As always I'm going to swim against the tide at this point and I will nominate what I consider to be one of the worst restaurants in New Jersey.

          The Lincroft Inn.

          While they have a nice banquet room, which I have held a few holiday parties at over the years, the food is mediocre at best, and the ala carte dining room is simply miserable. I have lived in the area 20+ and they have re-done the menu and style of the dining room at least 5-6 times during that period and the food remains horrible.

          Since the owners live upstairs and have owned it forever, I assume they can survive on the bar business alone. The bar and bar food (burgers etc) is acceptable, that is the only aspect of the place that does any business.

          Perhaps the fact the owner is Debbie Harry's (Blondie's) sister has some financial benefit.......but overall I would have to rate this as one of the worst restaurant in NJ.

          1. The worst restaurant in the state "was" Larison's Turkey Farm. Or Pal's Cabin. Or Ichabod's. I can't decide.

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              I was a regular at Pal's for years. If you stuck to their strengths everything was fine. They really knew how to grill the big steaks and their burger was wonderful. Their fries would make a chain operation ashamed. Problem was the last generation of management - they didn't, really. And, yes, service, especially toward the end, really sucked - unless you were a regular.

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                I never had anything other than a burger at Pal's Cabin, and in my opinion, for my likes, dislikes, etc. -- it was a good burger.

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                  Pal's Cabin burger was great -- nice and juicy. And they would cook it to a nice medium rare as requested. Also the mushroom soup was not a modern take on mushroom soup, but it was classic.