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Apr 20, 2014 06:39 AM

restaurant for a hungry midshipman in Great Neck (or nearby)?

I'll have 1 night in GN mid-May -- visiting my son at USMMA. My mother will be with us (1st time visiting her grandson at school). We need walking distance or cab ride from GN Inn. He eats plenty of Italian & Chinese when he gets leave in the city, so I'd like to take him somewhere a little more upscale, but not stuffy. I know he'd love a good steak. Is there anywhere other than overpriced underwhelming steak houses? I was looking into Peter Luger, but reviews lately have been mixed. I don't mind spending for a special dinner, but I hate paying $$$$$ for mediocre.

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  1. Peter Luger is the place. Make a reservation and ask for George...Tell him Fred sent you!
    (You should real proud of your son!)

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        I ate there Friday night with my daughter, perfect steak meal. I am among those that have loved it for decades. Forget comparisons to other places and styles. I read all the bad reviews, and good one's and suggest you try it yourself. The only other worthwhile meal would be Lola but it does not do simple, they specialize in over the top and unique combinations. Probably not what your son is looking for. Nothing else in town is special.

          1. re: PHREDDY

            That's exactly the info I needed
            I had looked at Lola and although I would love it, my boy surely would go away hungry ;)