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Apr 20, 2014 05:19 AM

Best charcuterie - retail?

I know several restaurants that offer great house-made charcuterie (Eastern Standard and Belly currently top my list), but where can I get a good selection to serve at home?

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  1. Moody's in Waltham. Formaggio does some of their own stuff.

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      I'll second Moody's! They're doing some really cool stuff. My new favorite is the Tuscan Salami.

    2. if you are not specifically looking for housemade retail charcuterie (the store in Waltham on Moody street that used to be the Salem market does housemade), you might find it interesting to look at the selections at the Russian markets, which are quite good and remarkably well-priced. I would recommend Bazaar on Cambridge Street in Allston and Baza in Newton (off Needham street near Trefflers).

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        I'm quite familiar with the Russian stores in the area (my late wife was Russian), but while they have an interesting assortment of salumi, they don't offer the freshness or variety (duck prosciutto, anyone?) of the restaurants I mentioned.

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          agreed. I do find the merchandise generally good and well-priced there and I can find variety that I don't find at most markets but they don't meet ESK or Salty Pig levels. I'll be interested in your take on the Moody street charcuterie if you get there. Please let us know.

      2. Anyone familiar with Barbara Lynch's Butcher Shop in the South End? I'm aware of it but have never been in.

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          It;s been a while since I went to the Butcher Shop, but we always ordered the charcuterie plate and we always liked it. I never bought any of their stuff to take home, though.

          I went to a private dinner at Moody's a few weeks ago. They had a display of some of their charcuterie & I'm sorry I can't recall the exact details of what everything was - one salami had sriracha I think, and another had mole in it? At any rate it was all really good. I usually am not a sriracha fan - too vinegary for me, I prefer the sweetness of gojuchang - but I did like that salami. I also remember that they said their first proscuittos (proscuitti?) were almost ready, as they were about to reach the end of the two-year aging process.

          Also, duck proscuitto is very easy to make at home, though I usually do it in the fall/winter. If you'd like a recipe I'd be happy to post it on Home Cooking.

        2. Moody's has some superb stuff and some where I have found commercial versions to be tastier. Their pastrami is possibly the best I've ever eaten. The hot dogs are also superb and noteworthy.

          The cured item's were often a bit too salty and did not have the depth and complexity that I hope for.

          Moody's really takes his craft seriously and only sources local animals as well. That said his products are quite pricey.

          Formaggio has some really noteworthy charcuterie mostly not house made.

          If you can find the commercial Danielle (RI based) Vladic prosciutto (their premium version) it is as good as anything I have eaten short of Spanish Iberico.

          Russo's in Waltham has some very nice commercial and artisanal products at decent prices.

          Many of the already mentioned Russian markets have superb salamis etc. Some of the best smoked salamis I have ever eaten at very good prices and a HUGE selection to choose from, at Baza in Newton in particular.

          Heck try em all and see what you like.

          1. How does Central Bottle on Mass Ave compare to these other places? The BF will occasionally pick up a cheese and a loaf of Iggy's on his way home, but none of the meats.

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              I'm interested in that answer as well. I generally would buy there, Savenor's, or Whole Foods, as I'm generally on the T/unwilling to spend days off driving around Greater Boston.