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Apr 20, 2014 12:21 AM

Seeking Peking Duck in Northern NJ

Any suggestions for Peking Duck in Northern NJ would be greatly appreciated!

The Peking Duck House in Closter closed a few years ago, and sadly Duck King in Edgewater which I had very high hopes for was very disappointing the two times I tried it.

Many places like China Gourmet in West Orange have Peking Duck on the menu, but the quality just isn't there. Either the duck is emaciated, or it's dry and leathery, or the pancakes were purchased fresh sometime in 1993.

I'm certain there must be a Chinese restaurant somewhere in northern NJ that is sailing under the radar with a really great Peking Duck.

ALL suggestions appreciated.

BTW. I'm not looking for roasted chopped duck. Only the real deal.

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  1. I'd head to chengdu 23 in Wayne or Hunan Taste in Denville

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    1. re: Curlz

      Have you had the Peking Duck at either of these places? Any details would be great.

      1. re: creamfinger

        More recently at Hunan Taste, but yes--and loved it! Pancakes held up, duck was moist, and the skin was terrific.
        On a side note, I had dinner at Phoenix Garden in NYC last night and we had the whole duck served as 2 courses ($38)...fantastic! Instead of pancakes they use buns, which I'd never seen before. PG is Cantonese--anyone know a spot in NJ serving duck that way??

      2. re: Curlz

        Seconding Hunan Taste for the Peking Duck. They do it every day, and serve tableside, preparing your duck in pancakes.

      3. Unfortunately, I haven't been to Hunan Taste in quite some time. However, the last time I was there, we did have the Peking Duck, and it was very good. Will it be on par with what you've had in the past, wherever you've had it and thought it was very good? I don't know. I used to be a big fan of Peking Duck, and would order it more often, if I was in a place I knew, in NYC, etc.

        I think part of the novelty and hype of the "should be ordered in advance" routine is just that, novelty and hype. That said, I haven't ordered Peking Duck in a long time, because I wasn't familiar with the restaurant, wasn't recommended to order it by a friend whose opinion I respect, etc.

        I would order it again at Hunan Taste however, and I plan on going back there very soon. I hope it might be on the ordering list, LOL.

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        1. re: ELA

          It's available every day - item #1 on the House Specialties menu.

        2. Dim Sum Dynasty in Ridgewood has Royal Peking Duck.

          The menu states: A. 8pcs Chinese pancakes w. Hoi Sin sauce and a side of scallion & cucumber B. sautéed minced duck meat and lettuce wrap on the side

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          1. re: Bosmer

            Didn't know that...been wondering about this place and wanting to go this might be the reason, LOL. Thanks for the heads up.