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Apr 20, 2014 12:06 AM

Spring Omakase at Yamakase: A Pictorial Essay

Verdict: Yamakase simply aims to please, and (as usual) Yama-san hits it out of the park. Despite its casual vibe, it definitely feels decadent just to be eating here. I will always appreciate the extremely generous use of 3 types of uni (Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Japanese bafun uni), as well as black truffle, and white summer truffle.

Highlights: Kuruma ebi here is the among the best in town. Yama-san also prepared an extremely simple yet joyous bowl of shoyu ramen with duck breast, hama hama oysters and chopped chives. The akami was superb. Gently sauteed Japanese wagyu from Miyazaki Prefecture with summer truffle shavings did not suck at all.

... But all of the above items paled in comparison to J.L.'s "Bite of the Month": Yama-san's creation, which I named "The Yamakase Toro Spam Crostini". This is toasted bread on the bottom, featuring blue crab, bafun uni from Japan, topped with 2 thin pieces of o-toro from Spain (which made it looks like Spam, garnished with giant shavings of summer white truffle. It was divine.

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  1. Stunning assortment, fantastic photos.

    1. Looks a lot better than spam. Delish.

      1. Do want but man that seems like a lot of food.

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        1. re: ns1

          And it makes Shunji look like even more of a bargain.

        2. You had me at that Uni topped with slabs of toro topped with shaved truffles thing.

          1. Good morning J.L. Your review was stunning, and based on our 2 visits to this special restaurant, you were 100% accurate. Yama remains my personal top of the heap temple for exquisite fish.
            Cheers and thanks for sharing.