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Apr 19, 2014 09:30 PM

North Shore Hamburger

after being vegetarian for many many years, I am venturing into the world of eating fish and meat. Interested in trying a hamburger, but on menus they all seem to be 1/2 pound- is this the norm?

And if I wanted organic- is it 'farm raised'? grass fed?
Hoping to find something in the Beverly/Gloucester area.

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  1. The burgers at the Barrelman in Marblehead are pretty good and grass-fed if that's your thing.

    1. I like the hamburger at Century House in Danvers. They will cook to order, I get mine rare. I only eat half because it a 8 oz burger.

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      1. re: treb

        Interesting info! Century House is a place that doesn't get mentioned here much. I wouldn't call it an overlooked chow gem, but it's exactly the sort of meal my parents are looking for so we've been there a few times for prime rib and pot roast and it's always delivered a consistently good meal. They have an attached shop as well, right? I've never been in there, and wonder what it sells. From their website, it looks like a lot more than I'd assumed inclding baked goods and fresh meat. Huh!

        1. re: Chris VR

          I always go into the shop at the Century House when I'm up that way. They have ready to serve entries like haddock au gratin, chicken parm, meatloaf, stuffed peppers, lobster pie, barbecued chicken breasts, veal marsala, etc. most of the entrees freeze well (not the lobster pie), and I always get several things for the freezer. They also have a bunch of other things...uncooked meats, chicken, marinated steak tips, marinated chicken, etc, deli salads, pastries and puddings, sauces, veggies prepared different ways, their own salad dressings and sauces. They also have some things already frozen, but I always get the fresh stuff. The 2 favorite things that I always get several of are the haddock au gratin and the already cooked barbecue chicken breasts. I freeze them. I wish it was closer to Boston.

          1. re: Chris VR

            Yes, it's an old school American comfort food place. The food is consistent and fresh, I usually sit on the bar side, they pour a good drink as well. They have a prime rib special on Tuesdays, I believe 13.95, the prime rib has great flavor. Nice for the parents.

        2. Hale Street Tavern in Bev Farms is worth checking out. Very nice burger menu there and I believe there is special pricing one night of the week.

          1. Oh! If you are interested at all in immediately returning to a vegetarian diet, try the burgers at the Black Cow in S. Hamilton!

            The kitchen has managed to drain all flavor and texture from the burger offerings, as well as all the shrimp flavor in their "shrimp-avocado wontons" , an impressive feat.

            Other than that, sysco all around (fries, etc.) and everything underseasoned. Overly enthusiastic waitress who still managed to be obscure when we were trying to get the fuck out of there. This place would not last 6 months in Somerville.

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            1. re: hyde

              The only thing that place has going for it is the fireplace, tap list and nachos.

            2. grace, i know NOTHING about going from veg to meat, but my gut tells me that you might want to put a hold on the burger and start slowly w/ fish and poultry. Beef is very demanding on your system. Also, just fyi- rich chudy's Boston Burger Blog is very helpful, though mostly boston-centric. Five Corners in Marblehead is a lovely spot to venture into these new adventures. And I bet a CH search would bring up some good places too. There are also 2 North Shore food blogs.

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              1. re: opinionatedchef

                well thank you for your sweet consideration, and yes I've been eating fish without any problems. I've had the same concern about digesting beef, but I'm getting ready to try it.

                I keep chuckling to myself with regards to the recs for Century House. I'm pretty sure I read on this board a comment: 'and Century House, where the dead (near dead?) go to eat.' I think of it every time I'm on my way to TJ's.