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Apr 19, 2014 08:41 PM

Latest update breaks Chrome usage?

Happened in the last two weeks or so, but the behavior of Chowhound seems totally f**ked from my preferred Chrome browser. I can no longer click the plus sign to open up an entire discussion, and my replies always appear as a top-level replies instead of to the sub-level reply I intended to.

Am I the only one finding Chowhound much less usable, with a ton of new, quirk bugs, for the first time in years?

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  1. I use Chrome as my primary browser and I haven't noticed any of the kinds of difficulties you describe on Chowhound. Can you try running it with extensions disabled and see if there's an extension that's causing the issue?

    1. I've been having issues but this morning so far things seems back to normal. I also couldn't expand the discussion or even a single reply. I could reply to the OP but not to other replies. I also have had the problem for a couple of weeks and almost all the time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

      1. Oops, problem is back again. I'm guessing it's something going on with my computer but am only having the problem with CH.