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Apr 19, 2014 06:28 PM

Good places to eat close to I-40

Driving with wife and dog from Tulsa to Georgia along I-40. Looking for great chow reasonably close to I-40. Bonus points for places that allow the dog (this is not a deal breaker as we can always do take out (doggie bags anyone?)

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  1. Hey kagemusha49, I'm feeling bad at your lack of might help if you gave us a bit of a timeline...will you be passing through particular areas at particular times? Coming through St. Louis, be aware that we had a well-publicized incident last week when a tourist left a dog in the car at the zoo and the police broke into the car out of concern for the dog. I'm really happy St. Louis has become such a conscientious town critter-wise, but it was only 74 degrees that day and I think that there may have been, ahem, a BIT of overreaction (better than underreaction...) need a place with outdoor seating, I'm thinking. Most of our restaurant-heavy areas are within a few minutes of 40, what kind of thing do you like? Are you looking for ethnic or homey? What day will you be here? I'd love to make some suggestions if I had a bit more info.

    1. Well, we're in Georgia now -- but there's always the return trip - which we'll be slightly more Northerly and will take is thru Sikeston Mo - home of Lamberts and the throwed roll. Dog is doing fine - we got takeout from the Aquarium in Nashville as I had won a $50 gift card for Landrys playing poker.

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        Only thing better than roadfood is free roadfood! Safe travels on your way home.

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          I loved Lamberts. Recommend the chicken-fried steak.