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Apr 19, 2014 05:59 PM

TOKYO: Unidentified Street Food Candy

Location: Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo

I chanced upon a food stall near Sensoji Temple selling these unique 'lollipops.' Small pickled plums and other fruit were speared onto sticks and coated with vivid blue or transparent gummy candy. The whole she-bang was served on a miniature wafer bowl. Tastewise, it was sweet + sour and unlike anything I have ever sampled.

The food stand was especially popular because procuring your candy involved a game; for 250 yen, you got to spin a wheel that determined if you won 1 lolly, 2, or 3.

I've googled every combination of related words (Exp: "gummy fruit candy asakusa tokyo") but have not discovered what it is.

Anyone recognize the said candy? (:

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  1. I have lived in Tokyo since 1977 and have never ever seen these before. If they are gummy and not hard, these could be new.