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Apr 19, 2014 05:52 PM

4 hour early morning stopover

Hi all,

I have a stopover from 6am-10am Saturday morning. Instead of sitting at airport, I am thinking of taking a taxi for one or two hours and check out the city. Assuming the flight arrives on time, I guess I'll have to be back at the airport by 9am. Does that seem feasible? I have never been to Minneapolis. Also if I do get out, are there an great places for breakfast (greasy, savory)? I am not much into pancake type breakfasts. But if there is something unique to the minneapolis, I absolutely want to try it.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I haven't flown anywhere recently, but I'm sure others will be able to advise you. I know this was in the news recently; airport officials were recommending arriving 2.5 hours before your flight time.

    If you do decide to venture out, Al's Breakfast is the quintessential Minneapolis greasy spoon. They have the James Beard award to prove it.

    In Saint Paul, it's got to be Mickey's Diner. The downtown one. It's an authentic dining car.

    You can't go wrong with either one.

    1. Surdyks is in the airport and a favorite. You can get surly's and Bloodies with beer backs. Barrio in the airport is good too.

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        Just a caution that Surdyk Flights, at least in Terminal 1, doesn't open until 8 on Saturdays. I've begged to buy a yogurt while they were setting up and have been turned away.

        If you have precheck or can figure out how to get to the "secret" skyway security checkpoint, I'd say it is doable, but really not worth the expense of the cabs.

      2. French Meadow Bakery has a location at the airport. I get that wanting to see the Twin Cities is interesting, but MSP has been voted as one of the best airports in the country.

        1. Stingrayy, neither Surdyk's or French Meadow Bakery are greasy spoons but I agree with the sentiment. Staying at the airport is your best bet.

          1. Thanks for the quick replies everyone, definitely will research more before venturing out. But atleast I have options at the airport if my plane arrives late.