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Jan 4, 2004 09:07 PM

Phillipsburg to Montreal: ANY THING OUT THERE?

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I realize this long stretch is like something out of Mad Max... but does anyone know of any decent eats on this main drag between Montreal and the Vermont border? Seems like nothing but truck stops, but maybe I'm missing a gem off some side road...

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  1. There is a great place near the us border in Bedford Quebec call BARRY. Coming North from the US border(89) about 6 miles take a right turn(east)on rt 202 go east about 3 miles to town of Bedford just in to town on your left is a place called BARRY. Great place for takeout or eat in for Burgers,Hot dogs and great poutine. Get the the burgers all dressed there small but taste great so get a few.

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      Yes, Barry has been a favorite of mine for the past 50 or more years,since Mr Barry had the
      french fries wagon on Main Street in Bedford,the very best french fries anywhere,
      I remenber as a child,we use to go to the wagon for a big box of fries for .25 cents, 'soo' good with vinegar and salt on them, now the box is much smaller and the price higher but the taste
      is still the same, hum!hum!

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        Why people keep digging and replying to 5 year old posts is beyond me...

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          I was not paying attention.
          But it does have some value as new people come along or new info can be added...OK not great value...but still

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            Works for me. This is the route I always take to and from Montreal. I'm happy to learn of any good places to stop.

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              Me too! Thanks for posting. I hope to take advantage of these tips on my next trip.

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            Well!! The reason I left a post is because I was so surprise to see an answer to the question of where GOOD EATS was, and I'm all the way from Michigan and miss those fries, you just can't find them anywhere. So there!!, and why were you checking
            an old posting??

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              Well beacause it ends at the top of the line when there's a new message. ;-)

      2. Not quite an eatery, and not exactly on your path, but have you been to Fritz Kaiser, the cheese maker near Clarenceville?
        I'd describe it as a hidden gem of an award winning cheese maker. Its near the 225 between Noyan and the border.

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        1. About 25 kms north of the US border on the right hand side is a great Fondue Restaurant.Who's name escapes me but it is well lit and has a large sign if you are coming up at nite.

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            That would be Restaurant La Suisse, just outside Pike River ( Never eaten there but it's been there for years.

            I discovered a new place this summer just across the border in Phillipsburg, on the shore of Missisquoi Bay. It had just changed hands and was being renamed from Sun Cafe to Le 8ieme Ciel, same name as a restaurant the owners have on Ontario in Montreal ( I've had breakfast there twice and had a marvelous eggs benedict each time. The view is nice, overlooking Lake Champlain, with outdoor seating in good weather. I think it's only open Thu-Sun and breakfast only on weekends perhaps. The 3rd time I tried to go there for breakfast on a Saturday in December the cook hadn't showed up yet so I ended up at a Chez Cora in St. Jean. I'm not sure how they are surviving the winter. You have turn off 133 into Phillipsburg to find it, but I hope they make it because it's probably the best food on that stretch of the drive. The web site does not mention this location. I'll keep my fingers crossed!