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Apr 19, 2014 05:05 PM

Patties Express Jamaican patties

After stuffing myself with Chinese buns at Lucullus on Elm Street, I noticed this new place right near Yonge Street. It's tiny and they only serve Jamaican patties and coco bread. Speaking with the person behind the counter it turns out this is from the same people behind Tastee Bakery up in North York. I only had one spicy beef patty but it was very good. If I had room I would have had the patty with a coco bun. Great place to grab a snack to sneak into a movie at YD Square.

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  1. For the vegetarians out there, Tastee's veg patties are really good and vegan. And they freeze well.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. I noticed them too after a visit to Lucullus, but didn't know about the Tastee (North York) connection. I've been going to their N. York store for years...actually more for their Chinese buns, but have enjoyed their Jamaican patties too in the past. Note that the Tastee operating in Markham and Richmond Hill is a separate operation.

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        Is that the bakery at Cliffwood Plaza...George's Tastee?

        1. re: sumashi

          It is the one at Cliffwood Plaza, but name is just Tastee. George's Tastee is a totally separate operation (run by other family members) in Markham/RH.

      2. Good to know - patties are my favourite on-the-go, budget meal and I never really found a lunchtime place for them in the downtore core (for some reason 7/11 patties strike me as sketch, although I will buy them at Bloor subway...)