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Apr 19, 2014 05:01 PM

Shan-e Mughlia, East Meadow Long Island

I don't normally start posts recommending restaurants as i rather comment on other peoples questions or add suggestions when other people are looking for a restaurant suggestion. But i just had takeout from the this new Pakistani/Indian restaurant that opened less than a month ago in East Meadow across from Home Depot. It was dirt cheap and delicious. The portions were a little small for the Chicken Jalfrezi but it tasted great. The price is so low you can't complain about the size. Also had Chicken Seekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka Boneless, Punjabi Chana Masala(phenomenal), Vegetable rice(maybe it was a biyrnani, but i don't know, they didn't have plain rice according to the guy on the phone and said i could have vegetable rice or Chicken Biryani), glad i had it though because it was tasty. Also had Garlic Naan and Keema Naan. I have posted the WHOLE MENU. i say it like that because the menu is tiny. I think people should know about this little tasty and affordable place, especially since i was the only one in there. Want to do my part to make sure this place makes it because this is a great thing to have like 4 minutes from my house.

FYI, East Meadow i getting a Filipino restaurant soon too

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  1. Thanks for this. Although it's gonna be tough for them. They are friendly and accommodating and since they aren't busy the food is on display in the fridge up front and portions are microwaved to order. Only slightly worse than a steam table set up.
    Punjabi Chana Masala was good, Naan better than most other places, chai very nice.
    They need customers. I hope they get some.

    Where is the Filipino place gonna be?

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      i believe only some items are done like that, (cold then microwaved). I didn't find it ruined the items i had that were(I'm pretty sure the Jalfrezi, maybe the Punjabi Chana Masala)

      I hope they do find some customers. Haven't seen any advertising in any of the local flyers, papers etc. I was hoping by posting my original topic that they become more Googable if someone searches for them.


      It is opening in the plaza next to the East Meadow bowling alley where the mexican restaurant, bagel place and wing place is. Also a Sushi Lounge opening in there, but there are so many sushi places what is the chance that it stands out.

    2. I completely agree with your post.

      Literally everything I've tried there has been amazing. Fresh ingredients, perfect flavor. I tried most of their Tandori items.... I know with this price I won't get any thing like that some where else.
      The Staff is extremely friendly and helpful with making suggestions.
      If you like Indian food.... Its a good place to go and for the first timers, I would suggest chicken tikka or chicken Jalfrezi with Garlic Naan. You won't be disappointed

      1. i want to update my original post. I walked by this place today and it brought back a memory of my third and final meal at this restaurant. It was horrible. Everything tasted old, like potentially days old. There might have even been mold on a piece of meat. I threw basically everything away that i had ordered that night.