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Apr 19, 2014 04:14 PM

Heavy cream, well within use-by date, slimy...?

So, i just went to make some hot chocolate and the cream (heavy, 'cooking cream' 35%) was in a closed carton and well within its use-by date. Smells fine. Tastes fine (I tried a small amount) but...slimy. Stretchy ropes of it. What the hell? Never seen this before. Any ideas what happened? I haven't consumed it.

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  1. If the stretchy stuff is at the top of the container, it has just separated out more with the higher fat (probably about 60%) at the top. If there has been thickener added to it (eg. carageenan) it will give the cream more stretch. Just mix it with the thinner liquid at the bottom of the container. It will be fine.

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      Awesome, thank you. As I said, it smells and tastes fine. And it definitely has added ingredients so it's probably that. Thanks! :)

      1. re: jammy

        I agree. If it smells fine it's most likely just clumped cream.

      2. I'm wondering if somewhere along the line it was partially frozen-and never recovered fully-maybe a stabilizer? I'd totally use it

            1. re: carrytheone

              "hippy hippy forward hippy shake!"

              yeah cream separates. ya gotta dance that mess around or skim off the slimy clotted double heavy cream and use that element smeared on scones or biscuits and the rest in the original intent.

          1. My Organic Valley heavy cream always has ropy solids that accumulate around the top area of the carton. Shaking does not mix it in. There are no ingredients other than cream listed on the carton.

            Your cream is fine.

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            1. re: sandylc

              sandy - how long did you shake it?

              1. re: hill food

                Hi - so you're up late, too!

                I've shaken it to nearly to death in the past - I've since given up! The fat is so very, very separate from the liquid that it's bizarre - ropey, like the OP says. Sometimes it stops up the opening and I have to jab through it with a knife.

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                  yes night-owl hour huh? maybe the idea of just rolling with the separated solids is the best, I do agree it's just fine and if meant for cooking then my betting money is on the ropy solids breaking down.