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Apr 19, 2014 04:11 PM

Where to buy duck confit in Calgary?

Not so long ago I was living in Montreal where duck confit can be found in just about any grocery store. Here in Calgary, I tried the Noble farm duck confit (bought it at Cookbooks) but I find it was not tender enough, tastes great though.

Grocery stores close to where I live do not carry it. Anybody knows where I could buy great duck confit in Calgary? Any brand except the Brome lake...

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  1. Valbella makes duck confit, it is sold through certain stores in Calgary. A visit to their website would probably tell you where. Their products are generally very good, though pricy.

    We used to make our own duck confit from fresh duck back in Ontario, and no other duck confit I've ever had was comparable. The problem with that here is no one has fresh duck, they are all frozen. One butcher lied to me selling me a previously frozen duck as fresh that I had ordered from him. Problem was it was still frozen inside when I got it home. Frozen duck is a vastly inferior product.

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      I know homemade is best... my sister used to raise ducks on her farm just for the family. Those confits were the absolute best!

      Thanks! I will check out Valbella.

    2. Cookbooks Co.

      (oops, sorry, I replied before I read your post!)

      Maybe Bite in Inglewood?

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        Good idea. Will check Bite as well!

      2. Apparently Lac Brome (one of the major brands that sells it in grocery stores in Montreal) also sells it in Calgary.

        You can see which stores they sell all their products in using this rather poorly designed tool

        For confit duck legs it says saveonfoods

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        1. re: kpaxonite

          ...except that she(?) specifically disqualified Brome Lake.

          I was about to say Second to None meats, but I'm pretty sure that's the Brome Lake brand (it may be Valbella, or at least, be able to order it). You could call them to confirm. Bon Ton Meats say they carry it, but don't specify a brand on their site.

        2. L'Epiciere (formerly owned by Dominique Mousseau) was still selling decent duck confit last time I checked, I have also run across it at Santeria but haven't tried theirs.

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          1. re: lynnrb

            Oh, of course. Nice one. Can't believe I didn't think of that. Just checked out their website. Apparently the confit is currently on special (whatever that means).

          2. The original comment has been removed