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Apr 19, 2014 04:00 PM

Seafood Restaurant Tonight for visitors from Seattle

Went to Coast last night, Joe Fortes for lunch, C is having a private function this evening.
Looking for a great place for dinner tonight. Any ideas?

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  1. King Crab at a Chinese spot? I hear Shanghai Wind/River (can't recall which is a real place) does a great one.

    1. assuming the time of your post on CH here is accurate - which seems to be about 2pm PDT on SAT ----- where did you go and what did you think?

      we are always big fans of the casual approach

      i have not looked at all your posts from prev days - in both SEA and Pac NW boards - so I hope on your north-south Cascadia (ie this part of WA and BC) journeys you have tried some places around Chuckanut Dr / Bellingham in WA State too. There is a board for that huge Pac NW region here on CH (from sea to Spokane, it seems) and you will find many Vancouver-based posters using that board too. (ie Cdn's who are familiar w/ both sides of the border here at the 49th) Thank you.

      1. Too late for the OP but Yew at the Four Seasons

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        1. re: islandgirl

          yes, i'd agree with Yew at the Four Seasons Hotel downtown Vcvr. Higher price point - certainly. Worth it if the budget is available? yes.

          for your future reference here in BC, we have this Oceanwise *Vancouver Aquarium - symbol on menus.

          I wonder if there are people in the trade who read this who can give any experience about it.

          ps to edit - add ... I agree with Joe Fortes - it's kind of old vancouver in this day and age tho the food is decent - and Coast - it works well too.

          next time, check out some of the smaller casual places and I'm thinking you will be pleased. Seagulls and seafood - kind of go together~

        2. Thanks to all. Went to West. It was great.