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Apr 19, 2014 12:10 PM

Buttered Biscuit Bradley Beach

In my quest to hit all of the recent yelp top 5 in Monmouth county, we had brunch at BB today. Darn fine food!

We shared the corned beef hash bene and the special French toast and it was all very good. Maybe the best corned beef hash I've had outside my home. And the biscuit was excellent. Who'd have thought a place called The Buttered Biscuit would have such good biscuits? ;o)

Lousy rotten correct yelp users!

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  1. Finally had a chance to eat here after hearing about it on these boards and elsewhere, and I have to say, you all are VERY lucky to have such a terrific spot in the area!

    I was there with two had the meatloaf ("spectacular"), the other, the corned beef hash special w/asparagus and hollondaise. She said it's actually better than her own cb hash and she's a serious home cook, so that's saying a lot. I had the BB scramble--eggs w/herbes de provence, goat cheese, and bacon (sans tomato), and of course, A BISCUIT. Delicious--light, buttery, and the 'toasting' on the griddle seemed to seal the flavors in. Cinnamon-honey butter was delicious, and even the strawberry jam was tasty--because it wasn't over-the-top sweet. Coffee is from TM Ward (in Newark) and I happen to like it; I just think it's interesting that the B&B where we stayed was also using it. Guess they've got the territory...

    On a stunning Sunday, the wait at 11am was close to an hour but well worth it. Oh, and I noticed they're BYO--tables around us were having mimosas w/prosecco they had brought in, others (we heard) were having bloody marys.

    Great spot--I'll definitely hit it again whenever I'm down there.