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Adding cocoa powder and semi sweet chocolate chips to pound cake

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I'm not sure if I need to do something to the cocoa powder before adding it. Any tips on how much I should add would be very helpful. Also should I dust the chocolate chips with flour before adding? Sometimes they sink to the bottom. I am using a classic pound cake recipe so the batter is very thick.

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  1. Is the cocoa powder part of the recipe or are you making a regular pound cake but want to make it chocolate? If it's the latter, replace some of the flour w/ the cocoa powder. Treat it like part of the flour either way. I like to sift the cocoa powder first to get rid of lumps. If the batter is thick, I wouldn't bother w/ the flour coating.

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      Agreed about replacing some flour. I would doubt that you need to change the sugar quantity because pound cakes are pretty sweet.

      I would do the coating on the chips. It definitely helps. Since you are going chocolate with the cake, I would shake them in a Ziploc bag with cocoa powder instead to coat them.

      1. re: jbsiegel

        What change in sugar are you talking about?

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          I was thinking that if enough flour was replaced by a bitter-ish cocoa powder, the cake might need some additional sweetening. But...given that it's a pound cake, it should definitely be sweet enough...

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          I thought about the sugar too. I decided that because the cake is sweet anyway, the cocoa powder may make it a bit less sweet, but not enough to worry about the sugar.

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          Yes I want to make the pound cake chocolate. I make classic and 7-Up pound cake often, and just wanted to do something different. So should I exchange the proportions of cocoa and flour exactly? I plan to start with 1/4 cup of cocoa powder.

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            How much flour does it originally call for? If it's somewhere in the 1 3/4-2 cup range, you can probably go with 1/4 cup replacement. If it calls for more than that, you might want to sub more if you want it nice and chocolaty.

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              It's supposed to be slightly more cocoa to flour but I find a 1:1 works fine. Try adding a little instant espresso powder, too, to enhance the chocolate flavor. It won't make it taste mocha like but it does make a better cake.

          2. Why not find a Chocolate Pound Cake recipe?

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              have always had excellent results from joy of baking:


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                Thanks for the link. My recipe is similar, but this one tells me how much cocoa powder I should use.

                I love Chowhound because everyone is always so helpful!!

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                I couldn't find one I liked.

              3. There are plenty of recipes around for chocolate pound cake. Why not stick to one of them rather than try to modify a non-chocolate recipe? Why ask for trouble?