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Apr 19, 2014 10:38 AM

Lineage: Thanks for being in my neighborhood

I haven't had a chance to try Row 34 which I'm sure I'd love, but I feel the need to reaffirm my fealty to the ever-pleasing Lineage which is still one of my favorite neighborhood bistros. The seafood trio with three selected wines is always so good and I consider it a great value at a bit above $50.00. When we get there early, the staff is consistently kind about serving us the oysters at our table at bar prices (a dollar an oyster for beautifully chilled and chucked Island Creeks). I find their salmon tartare consistently the best and, while I've occasionally quibbled about whether the fish is slightly overcooked for my taste, it is always impeccably fresh and beautifully garnished. I've never had anything but welcoming service and I can hear myself think and talk to my companions. When places have been so consistent over time they run the risk of being eclipsed by the "new new thing." So I am reaffirming my love of this place and my gratitude that it is so easily in my orbit.

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    1. Great dinner there last week (my first, sadly). We tried to get dollar oysters at the table, but were denied. And I was with some real regulars. Consider yourself lucky.

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      1. re: Cork

        were you there early? we only ask if we come for dinner by 6. Amy has never said no. It may be because I cannot sit at bar (mobility impaired) but I've always thought it's because we're early and clearly going to order "real" dinner. I'm not sure I see a rationale for saying no and I'm sorry you were refused.

        1. re: teezeetoo

          agreed. if it happens again, maybe ask for the manager?

          1. re: teezeetoo

            "Dollar Oysters are available at the bar nightly (everyday) 5:00pm – 7:00pm at the bar. Space is limited and is based on a first come first served basis. Reservations will not be taken for dollar oysters"

            Lineage right to make an exception for your situation, otherwise, the policy for this special is pretty clear.

            1. re: black_lab

              An exception for someone who cannot sit up at the bar is an expected accommodation, so I do not begrudge them the extra $1.50/oyster we were charged for sitting at a table (even though we had 18.....). We were at our table for almost 3 hours, and had a full dinner afterward with bottles of wine. Bar Dollar Oysters are meant to draw in a happy hour crowd - and the bar seats turn over much quicker than our 4-top did, justifying the difference in pricing. Agreeing to these seemingly arbitrary pricing differences is what keeps our favorite places in business.

              1. re: Cork

                I think their staff is great and their pricing fair. I just never thought about why they accommodated me. I've simply asked if they mind serving us oysters at the bar price as a starter before we order dinner as standing or sitting at the bar is out of my comfort zone and they have always accommodated. I never ask if we come later than the "bar hours" service and, of course, as I use a cane, they can pretty much determine without a lot of discussion that I'm not conning them. I guess I thought they did it because, well, why not? It doesn't really cost them more to bring it to the table. But I understand that it has a purpose to draw in and create turnover at the bar during "happy hour." So I apologize if I mislead anyone. Still love Lineage!!

        2. I adore Lineage.

          But have also been denied the oysters at a table.

          But that might have been our reputation for overindulging on them at the bar :-)

          1. Used to go rather regularly until the chef changed cerca late summer 2011. The portion size kept getting smaller and smaller until it was laughable and it drove us away. The $22 appetizer-sized vegetarian gnocchi alleged entree and the $12 for slivers of peaches on a few leaves of salad greens were the final straw.

            Hopefully things have changed.