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Apr 19, 2014 08:29 AM

Breakfast in Santa Monica

Looking for a great breakfast place to eat in SaMo. Staying near the promenade but have a car. My buddy is vegetarian, but eats eggs---so that doesn't eliminate most things. Looking for something that's not Dennys/IHOP/etc. Thanks!

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  1. My favorite is Amandine, on Wilshire just east of Santa Monica a block and a half west of Bundy. Omelettes are ok, but their quiche and their french toast are outstanding. My favorite croissant in SoCal. And other dessert pies -- berry, chocolate, lemon -- are fantastic.

    Order at counter, sit down and food delivered place. Very reasonable prices. I don't drink coffee, but I understand it is great.

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      Forgot about Amandine. +1. Contender for top croissant in L.A. and under $2 each to boot!

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        Large croissants at Amandine $1.95 to go. (They have mini croissants I think for $1.35.) If eating breakfast there, order your croissant to go or they will put it on a plate with a butter packet for $2.50. They also have almond, chocolate and perhaps others but their regular croissant is spectacular.

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        +1 for pretty much everything already on this thread (that I've been to).

        *Definitely* skip the omelettes at Amandine. I think they're actually really unimpressive. Weather's good enough that you could also sit outside on the sidewalk (they have a few tables out there).

        There's also Bread + Porridge, Bru's Wiffle.

        I think Bagel Nosh is great, but the ambiance is only like a 1/2 step up from Denny's et al. However, the place seems to have some soul, and the population mix you get there is great for people watching (and very different from the upscale eateries mentioned).

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          I like Bru's Wiffle, but the lines for that place are crazy during the weekend.

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            True. But do you think they're as bad/worse than Huckleberry? The line at Huckleberry goes out the back door during peak hrs. It definitely moves faster, but it's not exactly low stress once you sit down, either.... =(

      3. Huckleberry:

        Milo & Olive:


        Superba Snack Bar:

        Superba Food + Bread:

        I've been to the first three, which are in Santa Monica (Farmshop is at the border of SM and Brentwood), but not the last two, which are in Venice.

        If you want something a little more affordable, but a little closer to Denny's/IHOP (but better), Bagel Nosh in SM is a good choice:

        For a crazy large variety of french toast, there's 26 Beach in Marina del Rey:

        There's a ton of other places, if you want give any other guidelines (price, food preferences beyond vegetarian, etc.).

        1. Cafe Gratitude on Rose in Vence will please both of you…

          or Superba Food & Bread, and Gjelina also in Venice.

            1. I you just want to walk - head to Jack and Jills on Santa Monica/5th. Or to Cora's across from the Viceroy. Also can walk to Jinky's, just near the Promenade.

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                  Just FYI, Jack n' Jills has closed (so no more mini muffins). It's now Sea Salt/ Country Kitchen, neither of which I've tried yet.