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Apr 19, 2014 07:51 AM

Best Mexican in NYC

for a Saturday night dinner with 2 dear friends from out of state.
MUST be in Manhattan...anywhere. Price is no object.
Just ISO the tastiest food, good drinks, fun atmosphere, not too loud.

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  1. Empellon Taqueria. i think it works on all levels, but maybe request to be seated in the back room. the front could be loud.

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      1. re: coasts

        Empellon Cocina could be good, too, but it can also be loud.

        1. re: kathryn

          Yeah, it was the noise level that kept me from suggesting it.

      2. My favorite is Toloache. There are 3 locations.

        This recent thread may also be of some help:

        1. I disagree about Toloache. Over priced and not memorable. never been to Empellon Taqueria, but if you don't mind going to the upper west side I really enjoyed AG Kitchen

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          1. re: Mirabelle

            Many people expect Mexican food to be cheap, and therefore have a prejudice against Toloache. The food quality is right up there with many excellent non-Mexican restaurants in its price range. It is not overpriced. Yes it is on the expensive side, but I have not found a better or more creative Mexican restaurant.

            I've not been to Empellon Taqueria. I know it is highly regarded, but looking at the menu I see it is appetizers and tacos, no real main dishes. Not very tempting IMO.

          2. Hecho en dumbo- although go earlier since no res and later = louder. Great creative drinks, i really liked the sopes de nopal, and they have pozole all the time which you don't see often.

            Salvation taco is a more inspired by mexican vs traditional, great drinks ( their roof bar may be open...?)

            1. Outside of Manhattan (and overall) my favorite is Gran Electrica.

              In Manhattan, Salvation Taco with Empellon a close second. I also like Mission Cantina, but it's crowded.