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Apr 19, 2014 07:10 AM

Steinbeck's Chinese Breakfast

Apparently lot's of people know about this simple dish called "Chinese Breakfast" served at a pub in Oakhurst because there was only one left when I ordered it last night. My friend... having eaten it before... ordered it too, but had to "settle" for fish & chips. Anyway... there's very little description on the menu, but take a chance and order it if you like Asian food. Think... pork belly seasoned lightly with 5 spice powder... cooked with leeks and served over rice with a sunny-side-up egg on the top in a bowl with a few drops of sriracha... and man-o-man. Some people mix everything together to further cook the egg yoke further. Nope I just enjoyed it as served... simplicity at its best!

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  1. And the name of the "pub in Oakhurst" is? And Oakhurst is? A neighborhood in Atlanta? Make it easy for others to find it, not difficult.

    1. Pub = Steinbeck's - And yes...Oakhurst is near Decatur on the east side of ATL... a simple search would give you this info. Goooo Jackets :-)

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        I did a search and found that, but thought others might appreciate a few details. 12/13

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