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Apr 19, 2014 07:09 AM

Leg of lamb for Easter Sunday

I purchased 2 leg of lambs each about 5.5 lbs. I also have New Haven Italian cheese sausage (have 5lbs.) and a multiple of side dishes. We will start with a fresh pea soup.
We are 12 adults and I think cooking 2 legs is too much.
I was thinking of cooking one leg of lamb and 3lbs of sausage.
suggestions? Thanks... Ser

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  1. 11 pounds of lamb + soup + sides + sausage is definitely too much for 12 ppl. :)

    where does the sausage fit in the meal?

    1. I'd 'low and slow' both legs and all the sausage.
      Any left overs I'd share with those who wanted them.
      But BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!! I've had this happen: I had a lot of delicious leftover elk once. I did mention that there were some left overs for anyone wanted some. One couple basically snuck into the kitchen when no one noticed and literally took ALL the leftovers out the back door and into their car. It wasn't like this couple 'needed' the food though. That would have been different b/c I would have already mentioned to them I would make sure they got the leftovers. Anyway.
      By the time I'd noticed they were long gone. They were NEVER allowed to set foot in my house again. And they were/are distant relatives.
      SO. Make sure YOU keep control of who gets what! I'd buy a bunch of those white styrofoam 'doggy-bags' you get at restaurants and dole out the left overs.
      With twelve adults all knowing that the food is abundant you may be surprised how little is left over. LOL

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        I've learned about leftover greed the hard way myself. Too soon old, too soon smart. I've given up hosting family at this point.

        1. re: coll

          My friend had a holiday party. There was a lot of Honeybaked ham left over from a whole ham. He asked the last guest if he'd like to take some home, they guy said yes. My friend went to the kitchen for foil and when he returned, the guy had wrapped up the entire ham and was standing by the door ready to leave. My friend let him take it and 10 years later, we're still laughing about it.

        2. re: Puffin3

          "...all knowing that the food is abundant you may be surprised how little is left over. LOL"

          all too often. I kinda wanna do like others and just throw a couple a burgers and a hot dog on the gas grill and a store bought mayo based 'salad' and let them suffer it out like I do at their place. But it's always the same. Home cooked delicious meals. The kind that make you never want to step foot in a restaurant again and their own self made doggy bags relieve me of any leftovers I may have had. Actually, large aluminum trays to go sometimes. Yep. Wow. :-)

          1. re: Gastronomos

            know what you mean by the burger and salad thing, but can't bring myself to do it either......

            1. re: serafinagracia

              it seems as if when we visit them... the guests they have over are content for an hour or two with chips and dip. then perhaps a hot dog or bubba burger. if there are 'toppings' then you get to hear the fun begin... Aunt Jean, "YAY! I LOVE sliced tomato on my burger". Uncle Larry, "a hamburger", well done hockey puck, nothing on it.

              When I have guests, everyone shows up starving! Like they haven't eaten in days... LOL

              I do love it though. Fun to see people enjoy eating good food and want to take it home (even if it's because they don't cook... or cook as well... ;-)

            2. re: Gastronomos

              Depending on who's invited and their reputation/s for making off with 'the good stuff' I've gone so far as to hide 'the good stuff' under the bed until they've left.
              I once caught a guest rifling through my fridge looking for left overs.
              One time I put half a roasted left over second turkey in the trunk of my car!
              It's pretty funny to watch a couple of the same guests casually loitering around in the kitchen suddenly taking an interest in the new fridge just before they go home. LOL

              1. re: Puffin3

                my starz, you guys know awful people. have never experienced that kind of boorish behavior.

                have had people crash, which meant not enough food. (had a party go from 10 to 20. nearly stroked out on the spot, especially since all the crashers came empty-handed.)

                but jeebus.

          2. Are these bone in or boneless? If it's boneless, you don't need to make both, freeze the other one, especially if you're making the sausage as well.

            If it's bone in, then the bone will account for some of the weight. Go ahead and cook both, but slice it all and be prepared to freeze some.

            Make some fresh pita bread & tzatiki the next day and have some delicious lamb sandwiches for lunch/dinner.

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            1. re: Dirtywextraolives

              Semi boneless, good idea for leftovers.....