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Cape Cod - need HEALTHY options please.

artymoi Apr 19, 2014 06:13 AM

We are planning a few days on the cape - 2 days in Provincetown and 1 in Hyannis. Any ideas for someone who basically eats a southbeach type diet - no nasty carbs, no sugar. Gluten-free even better. Looking for plain salads, vegetables, baked/grilled seafood - not fried. Anything along those lines. Thanks!

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  1. Berheenia RE: artymoi Apr 20, 2014 05:19 AM

    Napi's in Provincetown has an interesting and varied menu with lots of vegetarian options. It's a solid place with a terrific history and a parking lot!

    1. phelana RE: artymoi Apr 20, 2014 03:51 PM

      Green Lotus on Main Street in Hyannis, hands down for healthy delicious light fare.A perfect lunch spot all around.

      1. drewinmrblhd RE: artymoi Apr 22, 2014 11:01 AM

        Karoo Kafe in Eastham is very good, lots of GF and low carb offerings. When they were in P-town, the place was always packed day and night.


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        1. re: drewinmrblhd
          magiesmom RE: drewinmrblhd Apr 23, 2014 04:51 AM

          Aren't they still in PTown also?

        2. macca RE: artymoi Apr 23, 2014 05:24 AM

          My niece is a celiac, and frequently visits her in laws on Cape Cod. She raves about Idgys (South Yarmouth). Completely gluten free with vegan options. For Thanksgiving her in laws bought a cake from there- and it was delicious. Here is the link.


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            phelana RE: macca Apr 23, 2014 09:53 AM

            I have been to Idgy's. It is good for take out. I did order a cake for a social function. It's a great resource on Cape. Karoo emailed a group email they are closing the P Town location. I love Karoo.

            1. re: phelana
              magiesmom RE: phelana Apr 24, 2014 04:46 AM

              That's too bad. We never really head towards Eastham except coming and going.

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