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Apr 19, 2014 06:13 AM

Cape Cod - need HEALTHY options please.

We are planning a few days on the cape - 2 days in Provincetown and 1 in Hyannis. Any ideas for someone who basically eats a southbeach type diet - no nasty carbs, no sugar. Gluten-free even better. Looking for plain salads, vegetables, baked/grilled seafood - not fried. Anything along those lines. Thanks!

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  1. Napi's in Provincetown has an interesting and varied menu with lots of vegetarian options. It's a solid place with a terrific history and a parking lot!

    1. Green Lotus on Main Street in Hyannis, hands down for healthy delicious light fare.A perfect lunch spot all around.

      1. Karoo Kafe in Eastham is very good, lots of GF and low carb offerings. When they were in P-town, the place was always packed day and night.

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        1. My niece is a celiac, and frequently visits her in laws on Cape Cod. She raves about Idgys (South Yarmouth). Completely gluten free with vegan options. For Thanksgiving her in laws bought a cake from there- and it was delicious. Here is the link.

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            I have been to Idgy's. It is good for take out. I did order a cake for a social function. It's a great resource on Cape. Karoo emailed a group email they are closing the P Town location. I love Karoo.

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              That's too bad. We never really head towards Eastham except coming and going.