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Apr 19, 2014 12:58 AM

LAKSHMI BAZAAR (West San Jose) prepared indian foods

Hey, has anybody been to this Indian Grocery in a small strip mall on MOORPARK just off LAWRENCE EXPY?

They have a number of North Indian dishes in the fridge in entree sized portions [about 1.25lbs] for $6.99veg/$7.99non veg.

The GOAT CURRY was really, really good and a very good deal for the amount of meat you get ... much more than any of the similarly priced "dive class" restaurants [Pakwan/Shalimar/Nan+Curry), and the "gravy" is quite good ... I've had more refined cooking at at say $13/entree places but unless I was looking for the white table cloth resto dining experience, this is a better option for me.

The BUTTER CHICKEN wasnt that good ... edible, but it gets old about half way through ... while when it came to get goat curry, I got up in the middle of the night, took it out of the fridge, reached into the container and ate some more standing there in the dark. I will be in the area on Monday and will probably buy 3 containers.

The BEGUN BHARTA was also quite good. Waaaaaay better than say LAHORE KARAHI. The ALOO-GOBI was decent ... let's call it third place among the stuff I tried, taste-wise. My Mom (Indian) liked it more than I did. But perhaps the least unhealthy item I bought (the cooking is a little oilier than home cooking, but not as oily as many of the desi restos). I talked her out of getting one of the OKRA/BHINDI items, but we probably should have tried one (often i've gotten over aged okra ... what is the term in english for an over aged vegetable ... not one that is slimy/rotten but kinda dried out? dessicated seems too fancy).

Per the three YELP reviews, the service is a bit surly, but who cares. It's just the cashier. Somewhat amusingly, it gets 2 starts on the Yelp.

The JILIPIS/JELABIS are better than what I've had from a number of restos. Although perhaps some of the sweet specialists are better.
The LADOOS are decent, but those are not a personal favorite.

The samosa were pretty good. I think a friend of the family brought over some previous that batch was better than the three I bought on this visit. Chutneys were ok.

They seem to offer prepared-on-demand chaat, but I didnt see a preparer, so I didnt bother with this.

I was rather surprised at the quantity of the veg/non-veg entrees they had on a Monday afternoon ... I wonder if a lot of Indian Professionals in the area just stop by after work for pickup food, rather than cooking.

But you must try the $7.99 GOAT (9/10 price performace), and EGGPLANT (8/10 price-perf).

I also recommend AVENTINUS EISBOCK beer.

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  1. Thanks for the rundown on the prepared foods. There've been passing mentions of the samosas or groceries here over the years but never uttered the magic words, "goat curry".

    I've found that freshness counts for more than just about anything else with jelebis. If you can get them not too long after they're fried, they can be wonderful. From the day before, not at all.

    Lakshmi Bazaar
    5178 Moorpark Ave
    San Jose, CA 95129
    (408) 861-0617

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      >I've found that freshness counts for more than
      >just about anything else with jelebis.
      oh very much so, the "extreme form" of which is to send someone out of the house to the neighborhood guy making these in the morning and basically get the right out of the oil into your paper bag, essentially. i.e. like getting hot donuts.

      a key detail about the veg items here are they are not mushy [well excepting the bharta, of course]. the GOBI was "al dente". sometimes a problem at places that cook in large batches. the bits of paneer in the that curry were a little blah and the chicken had a weird chalky/dry taste ... maybe just cheap chicken? it's strange how it could taste dry like that after swimming in the "butter sauce".

      > Aventinus Eisbock
      yes, that was quite a wow ... forgot how complex this beer was. why dont people fall in love with unique and singluar tastes like this -- or say AYINGER CELEBRATOR -- instead of yet another IPA.
      (I met BOYK at the TRIPLE ROCK FIRKIN FESTIVAL but not much on the menu of ~25items looked that interesting to me)

    2. The Aventinus Eisbock recommended by the OP is a wonderfully heavy rich beer (with high alcohol) having a complex flavour, making it a great pairing for moderately spicy dishes.