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Apr 18, 2014 07:24 PM

Duesenberg's German Dinners in Catonsville - Report

Five Chowhounds got together to test the fare at Duesenberg's in Catonsville.

By day, this place is an American diner serving breakfast and lunch only. A German-American family was looking for a place to serve dinner... and an idea was born. They take over the restaurant for dinner service, and have launched their own exclusively German menu.

We ordered:
Potato Pancakes
Breaded and fried green beans
Vegetable crepes with a cream sauce
Roast pork

Everyhting was pleasurable without being outstanding. The potato pancakes were very small in diameter and deep fried a golden brown. I liked these much better than the usual style. The green beans had a super crunchy shell. The dishes came with some salads: fresh cabbage, carrot, and potato. The fresh cabbage was refreshing. Also some dishes come with both bread and poato dumpling. The potato dumpling was stretchy and bouncy. I felt like it just might come back to me if I threw it.... but I didn't test that out.

I would not get the goulash again (maybe this needs a more Eastern European aesthetic), and if I had to go with one dish, the Jaegerschnitzel with red cabbage was nice.

As sometimes happens with Chowhound dinners, the company of other Chowhounds proves to be the most significant delight of the meal. It was so great seeing everyone.

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  1. The sauerbraten was the highlight of the dishes for me. And I thought the crepe with mushroom cream sauce was quite nice - stuffed with fresh mushrooms, broccoli and carrots. More like an omelette than a crepe. They also serve an ample bread basket with good pretzel bread included.

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    1. re: crackers

      Yes, the crepe stuffed with large chunks of fresh vegetables was a nice departure from the meat and gravy. This was no thin French crepe; it was a more like an omelette pancake.

      1. re: Steve

        That's often called a "Dutch Pancake" in my experience. They are made in savory OR sweet varieties.

        Steve- thanks for keeping up with the ChowMeets and the reporting of them.
        Eventually TeenHound and I will be able to get to another one!

      2. re: crackers

        I was a bit disappointed with the sauerbraten when I visited Dusenbergs, the family rendition is quite a bit bolder and uses a much less tender cut of beef.

      3. Sorry I had to miss it. Thanks for posting the review.