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Apr 18, 2014 07:20 PM

Best dinner place near Glen Burnie, MD please?

Looking for a great place near Glen Burnie, MD for a dinner out.

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  1. Type of food? Price range? Style?

    There isn't much near Glen Burnie. Try Grace Garden.

    1. Sorry to say, but there aren't any GREAT PLACES to eat near Glen Burnie.
      I can suggest medium dining establishments (and forget G&M and their crabcakes).

      Olive Grove--Pappas and Sunset are all reliably and consistent with dining options.

      In Elkridge--which isn't very far from Glen Burnie, then definitely check out the Elkridge Furnace Inn for upscale dining and service. It would be worth the couple of miles/minutes drive from Glen Burnie.

      The Olive Grove is okay for casual dining, but doesn't fulfill your request. FoiGras

      1. Little India is pretty consistent. Same with Mission BBQ. Woo Chon has some decent Korean, but it's a little divey.

        1. if you can venture a little south, Listas ( and Founders ( in Pasadena are pretty good. Or a little north and there are some great spots in South Baltimore,

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            As others have said, this really depends on what you're looking for and what your expectations are. I love Mission BBQ for what it is (quick service BBQ). I also like Mi Pueblo for good Tex-Mex. There are a number of options for authentic, hole in the wall style Mexican as well. I used to like La Sirenita quite a bit, but they went through some changes and haven't been in a few years. I also like the Cinco de Mayo Bakery, which is a combination bakery and restaurant. There is another bakery/restaurant in the same shopping center as Mi Pueblo called Christy's, but I haven't eaten there.

            Olive Grove and Sunset are both good if you're looking for "old time" Glen Burnie.

            The Mutiny Pirate bar is also a fun surprise, especially if you're into rum drinks.

            The only one that I'd disagree with mentioned above is Founder's Tavern. Based on the menu, marketing etc. it look's like the best choice, and I've only been there once, but it was very Faux Farm to Table, which I guess is really the new fad. In addition to the disconnect from the purported farms, both the food and cocktails disappointed. But they write great menus!

          2. Please be more specific. Gourmet dining--casual--off the radar type of place. Glen Burnie isn't a mecca for "great dining."

            Saying that, there are several options that will satisfy a "typical" dining out experience.

            Ramono's has tablecloths--good service and a selection of options that will appease any appetite. Seafood-pastas--Greek salads--steaks, lobsters, etc.

            Pappas--really good crabcakes (better then G&M)--wonderful fried oysters, attentive service.

            NOt far from Glen Burnie is the Elkridge Furnace Inn--upscale, wonderful selections of the Chef's choice of what is currently in season. Beautifully, romantic atmosphere. Worth the drive from Glen Burnie.

            I am also curious to see the response of the Chowhounders--.

            YOu may want to consider the Sunset Restaurant, not great, but really decent food and service--harking back to the days of the 1970's forward. That isn't a negative thing. They provide a cheese course (soft spread) with crackers, cruditie (spelling?)--wonderful Imperial Crab and fried oysters. The standard menu which is available at many Balto area restaurants. No gourmet--not even close. FoiGras

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              There is one potentially high end restaurant that I realized is coming to Glen Burnie. Trattoria Alberto, a high end Italian restaurant closed recently and I believe it is being reopened by the owners of Osteria 177 in Annapolis under the name Trattoria Arturo.