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Apr 18, 2014 05:38 PM

are there any complete selection traditional local chocolatiers in the Asheville/Greenville axis?

We moved to Hendersonville NC from upstate NY, and are surprised at what seems to be a total lack, in the Asheville area, of a handmade chocolate shop that carries a full selection of traditional chocolates made right there in the shop. By traditional I mean the style of chocolates you get in a commercial box (tho not the quality of course). Can anyone recommend a chocolate shop that has bonbons, barks, etc in full complete selection near here? We'll travel to Greenville, SC, Columbia, anywhere! I guess Kilwin's ruined it for the individual chocolate maker, but they are soooo expensive, about twice what I paid in Albany NY, which had at least 3 such local shops.

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  1. Have you been to French Broad Chocolates and Chocolate Fetish in Asheville? If so, they don't fit what you're looking for?

    1. Did you already look at Van's in Hendersonville? It's off the beaten path. Good chocolate made in house.

      202 Chadwick Ave., Hendersonville 828-697-2120
      M-Sat 10 - 5
      Sun - closed

      1. Chocolate Fetish on Haywood in downtown Asheville is probably the closest to what you're seeking.

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