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Apr 18, 2014 05:12 PM

Doris Metropolitan

Finally made it over to Doris Metropolitan last night. All I can say is WOW! I was really floored by this place. It really takes steak house to the next level. The food combines some unique Israeli flavors with top quality steaks and it really sets the bar high. I went with a group of guys and we tried the tuna tartar, steak carpaccio and the baladi eggplant. All three were outstanding, and the eggplant was so unique for a restaurant in New Orleans. Charred eggplant with tahini paste, tomato concasse and pine nuts. The only complaint I had was that it should have been served with some pita bread so I didn’t have to lick the bowl clean. The rest of my group had the Rib Eye, the Porterhouse, the Tenderloin and the steak of the day, the Hanger. One guy had the tuna and I had the fish of the day, a really nice seabass. Everyone really liked their entrees. One guy had the tenderloin the night before at Revolution and again here. He thought the one at Doris Metroopolitan was better. We had two bottles of a really good Israeli pinot noir from the Golan Heights. This place is really trendy, the crowd was hip and cool, the burgers coming out of the kitchen looked awesome. As a local, I like when a restaurant in the FQ doesn’t pander to tourists, but instead tries to succeed on their own terms. Yes, this is a restaurant that could be in any city (their other location is in Costa Rica), but that’s fine by me. I’ll definitely be back.

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  1. Aaah, my friend Mr. Fink! I think it was you and I who sparred over where an out-of-town visitor should have steak, you and the board were pushing him/her to hit Mr. John's, I said a better option would be Doris or La Boca. Don't you think our guest would've preferred this as a new experience vs. the same tired, albeit good, N.O. steakhouse?

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      You are right. I am not a fan of La Boca at all. The skirt steak I had was terrible and I found their sauces to be boring. Doris won me over instantly. I still love Mr. John’s even though the last time I went, I woke up the next morning with a gout flare up. Oh, the perils of eating red meat. I think Mr. John’s should be compared to Crescent City Steakhouse, Charlie’s and other local joints, of which it is far superior. I even like it better than Besh, Morton’s and Ruth’s Chris, but I think Shula’s has a slightly better steak, although I don’t like the atmosphere. We debated the buttered down steaks at dinner. Half the guys loved the steak lathered in butter, the other half liked the taste of steak without. Personal preference, I guess, but it was interesting to try to same exact steak (I had a bite of the filet at both R’evolution and Doris) and actually be able to taste a difference, of which the Doris Metropolitan filet clearly won out.

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        Dearest Sanglier,

        Went to Doris again, this time with the wife. I love it. My wife, who is a steak lover, proclaims that Mr. John’s has a better steak. She loves their crusty outside, and sizzling presentation. We both agreed that the experience and other menu items at Doris were better than Mr. John’s, but just thought I’d give you another opinion on the steak.

        1. re: shanefink

          Thanks for the report! Funny you posted this, for just 2 nights ago I again visited my beloved La Boca. You MUST go once more and sample the 14 oz. bone in filet...oh my. With a sample plate of grilled sweetbreads and homemade blood sausage, and a 2004 malbec blend, I don't think even Doris could've bested them that night. I am overdue for another trip to Doris, still hiding the identity of the "clandestine cut" or whatever they call it?!

      2. ive been to DM a few times -- once the steaks were overcooked (ordered MR, got M; and at $58 a pop you dont overcook a steak), and we had to get w/ the owner about it since the manager (his son, i believe) was a bit green and didnt resolve the problem. the owner was very receptive and ensured we'd be back.

        i havent had the steaks again yet, but have had the burger over lunch two weeks in a row. the first time it was overcooked (again? hot ovens??), yet very juicy and delicious. the truffle parm fries w/ garlic aioli were the bomb. but since i had only specified id like the burger (ground steak) as the chef preferred, assuming it would be MR, the second week i specified MR and it came out MR. yay. imagine that at a steakhouse.

        will def be back...the menu reads very well and im dying to try some of the items.

        as a side note, since sanglier mentioned La Boca -- i havent been back in years since they also overcooked a MR american kobe, giving me M. they didnt want to take it back and it turned into a huge, huge hassle to get their manager to fix it (they finally delivered me, not unexpectedly, a quite R replacement... i wrote then-owner Adolfo a physical letter, and he never responded. since they evidently dont have the skills or confidence to prepare steak properly, nor the business sense to make amends, we have not returned to La Boca.

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          That stinks! Isn't it interesting how varied our dining experiences can be? La Boca is one of the few steak restaurants that actually prepares my girlfriend's steak as she wishes: rare! She is so disgusted at how often, though making it quite clear, yes I know, I want it RARE, it comes out medium rare to medium! That's why when steak is craved, she implores me to bring her to La Boca. Sure enough, last week, rare as requested, and had both the waiter and manager come by to make sure our steaks were cooked as requested.

          1. re: sanglier

            interesting. maybe theyre more attentive when they know fixing an undercooked steak wont cost them a second entree?

            who knows. the lack of response to a snail-mail letter was the kiss of death for us. their loss.