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Apr 18, 2014 04:47 PM

Guava tree - existing leaves browning but still shooting new leaves...

We just planted a guava tree and it seems to be struggling. About 20% of the existing leaves are gradually turning brown and dropping off. That being said, the tips are still shooting new leaves. I'm befuddled. Someone said I was overwatering and I haven't done so in the past couple weeks (overwatered, that is) but still seem to e having some issues. Any thoughts?

On a side note, I posted about my kids garden boxes and we just picked our first strawberries, our corn plants are shooting skyward and the other plants are all shooting nicely. So, thanks to all for the suggestions and encouragement!

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  1. We had a pineapple guava at our old house and where we presently are our neighbor's pineapple guava hangs over into our yard. That's about 30 years of guavas day in and day out and I'm still not completely sure but I believe the trees drop leaves and manage to remain green all year long. They are pretty messy trees.

    That may be what you're seeing (tho I can't say I remember a lot of browning of the leaves; I think they were still greyish-green when they dropped). Meanwhile, as I said, I haven't been paying much attention and I could have this completely mixed up so, what I'd do is take off a branch that's showing the pattern you describe and take it to a local nursery for their diagnosis.

    1. I have a guava tree, it also has brownish edges to the leaves but there is new growth too. I'm in S Fl, this will be my 3rd year of being in my house and tree has never been a good producer of fruit. I'm lucky to end up with about 6 guavas which are nothing special.