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Apr 18, 2014 02:25 PM

Bangkok Noodle House (Springfield) and Filipino grocery store next door

Thanks to Monkey's suggestion, I looked up Bangkok Noodle House. Google Map shows it's only a 12 minute drive from my office so I went there for lunch today with a friend. We each had a bowl of noodle soup, me - Floating Market, friend - Sukiyaki. We also ordered a Volcano Chicken.

When I ordered the Floating Market Noodle Soup, the waiter (who might be the owner) asked whether I've had it before. I said yes, but not at his restaurant. I said I know it's spicy and that's fine with me. So I was surprised and disappointed that the Floating Market Noodle Soup wasn't spicy at all. In fact, the Sukiyaki was spicier. I wonder if there's some miscommunication. Also, as can be seen on the restaurant's website (, the soup's got a real muddled texture. I don't believe the version at Nava Thai was like this. What are the burgundy specks in the soup? blood? From the spoonful of broth that I tried, I liked the Sukiyaki quite a bit.

The Volcano Chicken was okay. Not particularly tender and the flavor wasn't really exciting. I did see another table order a whole fried flounder which looked great.

I wasn't blown away by what we had but there's really not any good Thai restaurant in NoVa and I've been to all the usual suspects. So I will go back to try their Chinese broccoli w/ crispy pork and other noodle soups.

So next door is a Filipino grocery store with a cafeteria style restaurant. I saw some lechon, and my friend said there might be balut as well. Can anyone shed light on what to order? I bought some chicken empanadas and their shells are actually sweet (not my cup o' tea).

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  1. I agree about the Floating Market Noodle soup at Bangkok Noodle House. I tried it last year and was very disappointed. It's was bland and watery. I had it at Nava a couple of weeks ago. It was better, but still not worth a drive from VA. The best place to get it sadly closed their doors last year at Po Siam in Arlandria. I've tried this soup in multiple places including Thai Ghang Waan. It was decent. Recently, I tried it again at Thai Square. To my surprised, they've improved their recipe. It's really good! What dishes are you looking for besides the boat noodle soup? I have my go to places for certain Thai dishes in NoVA.

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      I really like the Chinese broccoli with crispy pork, fried watercress, fried flounder, and duck dishes.

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        I've been to Thai Square a few times and they've been inconsistent. I remember liking the pig knuckle, chinese broccoli w/ crispy pork but not a crispy duck dish. Have they always had floating market noodle soup? It's not on their website.

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          Thai Square has always had a Floating Market Noodle Soup, but it has been thoroughly uninteresting. They have a duck noodle soup on their Thai menu which is much better.

          Good to know they've changed their recipe.

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            The fried watercress is really good at Bangkok Golden. I haven't had the fried flounder anywhere in a long time. So, I can't really say. Same goes for the crispy duck dish. It used to be my go to dish whenever I was in Herndon. I would go to Thai Luang. Unfortunately, I don't work out that way any more. I've been to Thai Square about once or twice a month the last three months or so. I think they have been a lot consistent than they were a couple of years ago.

        2. I prefer the texture of the Doo Dee noodle soup. It's been plenty hot for me, but I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to heat. Pretty sure you need to ask for "Chef's Special Hot" if you're interested in burning your pants off. Maybe they're toning down the heat for customers? I recall an incident at another eatery known to make their stuff extra spicy. The customer insisted they wanted it super extra authentic spicy and when she took a bite, she screamed and ran for the restroom. They pretty much dialed back on the heat after that, much to everyone's disappointment. La Mexicana Bakery dropped their torta ahogada for similar reasons: people asked for it spicy, they got it spicy, then complained when it was spicy.

          I'm a sukiyaki snob since I make it quite often, but I'll have to give Bangkok's a try.

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            Had the Doo Dee for lunch today. Not a word was said when I ordered it and it came out plenty spicy, and tasty too. I can't say that the fish balls in there were of particularly high quality though. I also had the Chinese broccoli and crispy pork dish. The fat part wasn't fried up like pork rind (which is how I like it), and the broccoli were a little tough (as Chinese broccoli sometimes are), but the basil flavor came through. I will try Ghang Waan next.

          2. If a Filipino place will make daing na bangus, order it. it is one of the world's great dishes, marinated milkfish. Never had a bad one. Dinaguan is also a very good order, pork stew made with blood.

            I've had FMNS that was not spicy at the Songkran Festival in Silver Spring. It was terrific.

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              I think I had milkfish at Grace Garden once (the big guy brought it in.) It had very many very sharp very small bones.

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                That reminds me. I need to get back to Grace Garden for that deep fried fish skeleton. It's cruncherrific!

            2. Utter disappointment. We ordered take out from here tonight. The portions were tiny, poorly done, and not edible. We had fish cakes, lard na, sizzling beef, and a few other dishes I can't remember. It's a complete turn around from the last time we visited and loved the food. The owner was there that night and he was very friendly. Portions good sized (not that I want huge portions but the lard na was less than a cup of noodles and some thickened sauce to poor over it) and delicious. Tonight the beef seemed like it has sat in cornstarch too long and dissolved in your mouth in an odd way. Sauce overly thickened w/ corn starch. What happened? I wonder if that's the difference in the experiences there--when the owner is there and not?